How To Record A Podcast

This is a short tutorial to help you understand how to record a podcast. It doesn’t matter if you are using a mac or a PC the basics are the same.

Know Your Content

Before you start a podcast you should plan your content. Know exactly who will listen and why. What are you giving listeners that another podcast is not?

If you are going to interview people on your podcast then you will need to get each of your interviewees to record the Skype call from their side. They can do this using Audacity.

You will then need to sync all of the audio and edit it together. Plan for some time to do this.

Making A Recording

The first thing you need to do is install Audacity – it is free audio recording software with a surprisingly good range of capabilities.

Follow the installations instructions and open the program. You are not quite finished installing yet. Now we need to add a piece of software that allows you to export your audio to an MP3.

The easiest way to do this is to record any piece of audio – you do this by pressing the red button at the top. lines depicting audio will appear on your timeline. Now you press the stop button (the square).

Go to FILE > Export Audio > type in a test name – where you select the file type choose MP3.

It will give you an error message saying that you need an extra piece of software. Follow the installation instructions.

When this is done you are ready to begin recording your podcast.

Here are some videos that can help you 

Installing and Setting Up Audacity

Complete Audacity tutorial 

I use this microphone and love it. It is relatively inexpensive and it is great quality.

Distributing Your Recording

I use a site called Podbean as the central point for my podcast channel.

When I was doing research I wanted something that would allow me a lot of storage space because I was planning on podcasting a lot.

I also needed a service that could send my podcasts to iTunes and Stitcher.

Podbean not only filled that need and allowed me schedule podcasts into the future and share them automatically to social media.

I am happy with the service I receive from Podbean and have not had a problem since.

In brief that is how to record a podcast.