How to Move Beyond a Bad Mistake

Today’s episode is inspired by my character Jackie from The Dance. It has to do with learning how to be gentle with yourself after making a regrettable mistake so you can free yourself enough to move forward and not get stuck in the past.

Mistakes happen. Harsh words sometimes get slung. We act in a hurtful manner. We gossip and someone finds out. We fail to do something of importance when it really matters. We forget a critical event. The list of potential mistakes is endless. In the wake of mistakes, regrets can pile up and dilute our passions and abilities to bring our best back into life.

Tune in to today’s episode to learn some tips on how to move beyond a bad mistake.


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hey thanks for joining me today for this episode of curves welcome a podcast about facing and embracing the curves of life if this is your first time tuning in this is Suzie Carr today’s episode is inspired by my character Jackie from the dance it has to do with learning how to be gentle with yourself after making Ava Greta Balma steak so you can free yourself enough to move forward and not get stuck in the past the first scene of the dance starts off pretty shocking when Jackie makes a regrettable mistake that she’ll spend the next several years of her life sinking into major guilt over we have all likely made regrettable mistakes in life mistakes happen harsh words sometimes get slung we act in a hurtful manner we gossip and someone finds out we fail to do something of importance when it really matters we forget a critical event the list of potential mistakes is endless in the wake of mistakes regrets can pile up and dilute our passions and abilities to bring our best back into life in Jackie’s case the person with whom she made that mistake had died so she didn’t have the ability to take back what she said or apologized for it this left her with a tremendous amount of guilt and shame prior to the present day start in the story of the dance Jackie lives her life thinking she’s a terrible person who was unworthy and undeserving of love laughter and anything good and then shortly after the book opens in the present day she meets Brooke a gentle and loving beekeeper who helps her heal by reminding her that she is a worthy person who matters who deserves better than a life beyond guilt and someone who can make a difference in the week of a regrettable mistake though many of us may not ever experience this level of regret or guilt in life we are at risk for experiencing it on a level that can still block us from living our best lives maybe we hurt someone by ignoring them when they needed us or by forgetting to wish them a happy birthday or by messing up someone’s plans or by failing to show up when someone needed us the cause of guilt comes in many forms [Music] regardless of its source guilt can destroy us if we let it there comes a point in the journey with guilt where a good loving dose of gentleness needs to be sprinkled on us and by us to move forward and start making strides it’s always a brighter future one where we allow ourselves to grow into the next evolution of who we are meant to be Jacky’s saving grace in the dance came in the form of surrounding herself with people who showed kindness and encouraged her to laugh and find joy in the simple pleasures of life and to see that her life was more than her own feelings towards things it also included how she made others filled Howard life and that focal point helped pull her from the wreckage she endured for so many years when she met Brooke Jackie learned the subtle art of gentleness forgiveness and love through her wise and tender heart the honeybees she began to spend time with also taught her that life is a series of cycles that allows us rebirth in our efforts to live fully Brooke and the honeybees she nurtures helps Jacqui to see that how by losing sight of what holds us together and if we don’t communicate openly and honestly then we as a person a family community are doomed by letting go of that moment of pain and opening our heart up to the possibilities that love can bring through living in the moment is the answer to many of life’s mistakes if you’re someone struggling to get past guilt no matter what the cause or circumstance one of the best things you can do for yourself is to acknowledge your feelings as a valid you try to ignore your feelings they come back to bite you so it’s critical to not ignore them but to accept them as your truth remember that what you resist persists and feelings are definitely no exception here another thing that helps with moving past guilt is to consider a mistakes no matter their size as a part of the learning process grasp the lesson and move forward more aware of ways to avoid making that same mistake in the future [Music] seek the lesson and apply it so that the maseeh has a greater purpose than just existing to break us down it exists to build us back up and others around us thank you for being an awesome listen and supporting tilts the channel that brings you all the podcasts you want to hear we’re listening to talks find more podcasts on the Lisbon talk show calm something to keep in mind is that the past is done it’s not gone because we can choose to be visited at any time but it is done in the aspect that we can’t change what has happened but what we can change is our relationship to that past we can let it eat us up and destroy our hearts or we can let it rest so as not to be engage it but rather be a source that offers direction for a brighter future to make peace with the past we have to bring peace into the future show up with love in your heart for whatever the next experience is and you may find that this love transcends and spreads to others helping to bring light to whatever darkness the past brought understand that our biggest mistake in life shouldn’t define our human potential this life we are given is a gift one that have nurtured will grow into something magnificent not only for ourselves but more importantly for others when we share our light and our love great healing and growth occurs in this space of love know that that love is not something we can seek from others because we can’t control another person’s feelings rather this love only exists when we place it into the world and shine it on others no one can take that from us when you show up with love to anything in life whether negative or positive the focus on bringing love and gentleness to that moment will create more of the same emotion this is true whether you are bringing that love to someone outside yourself or to yourself love creates the gentleness that heals no matter your mistake whether it’s small or grand scale when you are truly regretful and sorry and can admit your mistake you are then able to turn things around and cast a better light on it mistakes happen none of us are exempt from making them when Jackie finally accepted that she couldn’t change the circumstance that created her guilt but that she could change how she would use the knowledge gained from that mistake she freed herself to laugh and ultimately love again she brought into the world a version of herself that offered those around her the piece they also needed and deserved we may think we are selfish beings by dropping the guilt from a regrettable mistake we may feel that we are unworthy to do such a bold thing but I would counter that argument by saying we are selfish if we don’t drop that guilt and we carry it into our present in future without regards for how it affects others we never know how we are going to affect others around us we may think we are inconsequential to the lives of others but we are so not inconsequential we matter and by showing up with an earnest heart to improve the quality of the lives of those in our world we give permission for love and healing to enter and wash us over with its peace something magical happens when we let go of bad feelings just as honeybees are a keystone species to the world meaning without them others would fail to survive we too are the keystone to others and likely we don’t even know it now you might not be in a place right now with guilt to think that you deserve peace joy or love but that kind of thinking will hurt not only you but those in your life who want you to find peace life is hard enough on its own let alone the pressure of being perfect on top of it none of us are perfect we all make mistakes it’s what we do with the lessons of that mistake that is the true measure of our character if Jackie had succumbed to her guilt for eternity she never would have landed back into the sweet spot of what makes life worth living in the first place and that is love regret guilt and shame are emotions that can’t survive in the same realm as love so we have a choice what we could bring into this world would you rather bring regrets yachts and shame into it or love which one will serve the world better hey friends thanks for spending time with me today I hope you enjoyed today’s topic if there is something you’d enjoy exploring in a future podcast please reach out to me via my website at curves welcome calm and I’ll work it in while you’re there grab a free story – it’s my way of thanking you for your support of my podcast and romance novels I also want to take a moment to thank all who have become patrons on my patreon page your support means a great deal to me for more information on joining me on this journey in gaining access to special rewards visit the link in the show notes also be sure to follow TLT podcasts to keep up on the latest episodes so thanks for tuning in until next time go out there and continue to learn grow and embrace life’s curves