How to Have More Discipline

In this episode of Curves Welcome, Suzie Carr discusses How to Have More Discipline

Ever have one of those days when you’re sitting there staring into space knowing you really ought to focus on something more important than that constant dialogue in your head telling you to hey, just sit here a little while longer and stare at nothing. Yeah, just keep putting that important task off until you feel up to it. The second you cave into that voice, your productivity is toast.

In this episode, we take a look at 5 ways to stay disciplined:

  1. Owning up to weaknesses
  2. Tossing out temptations
  3. Setting a goal
  4. Giving yourself credit
  5. Enjoying the process

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[Music] hey thanks for joining me today for this episode of curves welcome a podcast about facing and embracing the curves of life if this is your first time tuning in this is Suzie Carr ever have one of those days when you’re sitting there staring into space knowing you really ought to focus on something more important than that constant dialogue in your head telling you hey just sit here a little while longer and stare at nothing yeah just putting that important task off until you feel up to it the second you cave into that voice your productivity is toast that’s what happened to me just now before I came to my senses and hits the record button on my microphone to begin this podcast miss go-get-’em miss make a to-do list five miles long and see how fast each task gets accomplished yep I am guilty and I can tell you exactly what tripped me up social media I spent the last 30 minutes scrolling through my newsfeed with absolutely no destination or goal in mind I just went on Facebook to post a new cover photo about my upcoming book release the pet boutique which just happens to be releasing tomorrow by the way and shameless plug and wouldn’t you know it my eyes began to glaze my mind slowed down to a turtle’s pace and I got all sloppy and lazy and forgot about hitting the record button something by the way that I love to do i love podcasting yet here I was procrastinating over it I planned on spending two minutes on Facebook and then I wasted 30 so why what happened well I got distracted it’s super easy to get lost when you let go of self-control and let distraction take the lead when you flip that switch to autopilot that’s exactly what I did a cute doggy video pulled me in and I couldn’t escape Facebook for 30 minutes I kept scrolling with the big hope of seeing more cute dogs doing silly things this is all fine and dandy when you’ve got time to spend but I really don’t I have a set number of hours to be productive on my writing and podcasting and I quickly let it dissolve by turning off my discipline and caving into procrastination so what did this do well it set me back almost an hour which may not sound like much but if I continue down this path to cute puppy videos for too much longer well I wouldn’t have a podcast to produce and I’d feel really awful and spend time worrying about that instead of being productive in some other part of my life see how being undisciplined works it creates a giant time vortex that sucks you in it makes it really hard to escape so what’s a woman to do when she’s got big plans fun projects and too few hours to work it all in she gets her fingers to stop scrolling mindlessly through social networks he gets cracking on those creative endeavors it sounds a little simplistic though doesn’t it that’s because it is being disciplined is a choice bottom line it is a choice we can choose to get things done that matter or we can choose to waste our valuable time doing things that get in the way of our progress which one is it it’s your choice weighing these two choices puts a little pressure on us and it should we are meant to do great things with this life not just a skirt around the things we want to accomplish and hope they’ll get done they are not going to get done unless we stick to a plan being disciplined comes down to self control and this can be very hard for many of us temptations allure around every corner they call out to us and learn us in with their deliciousness and intrigue when temptation calls we either sink or swim I’d rather swim even though I am a scuba diver and as you occasionally like to sink and see what’s going on below the surface the key word here is occasionally I occasionally enjoy sinking into a moment and gliding with it but if I spend too much time gliding I risk losing touch with my dreams look even the most pleasant of tasks like for me podcasting and writing books gets tossed aside when something shiny cute or even dramatic takes center stage and steals the show once in a while this is OK and I’d even argue can be therapeutic to indulge in whims from time to time but too much of that and you risk losing momentum on the things that are important to you in my case sharing insights here with you writing books about cute and dramatic things like in the pet boutique where I got to write about two women falling in love and having a cute furry sidekick to serve up entertaining vibes through the pages yeah another shameless plug okay so we’ve established why discipline can be important what if you are not a structured person or someone who has the willpower to say no to the lerz well to that I say you are stronger than you think you are again you have to choose to act choose to turn off the distractions and get the job done once you make a dent in that pile of to Do’s or write to that chapter or take the first step on a creative project you are going to feel so freakin awesome truly the sense of accomplishment is accelerating when I tackle something and make progress even if it’s just a small step towards a greater goal I feel like I am a superwoman wearing a cape hands on hips chin raised chest pushed up and out I feel confident and deserving of that good vibe I mean who doesn’t want to feel like a superwoman seriously think back on the last time you had something that mattered to you and how it felt when you made it happen I bet you felt amazing and proud of yourself I’d say you likely smiled for a long time and maybe even treated yourself to something special for your hard work being disciplined offers you the space that you need to do the things that are in your dreams so if you are ready to start tackling your dreams with more authority and self-control here are some tips that I found at Entrepreneur Magazine to help you get there you’re listening to the lesbian talk-show the lesbians all choke on your hub of podcast information own up to your weaknesses you can’t stop out a bad habit if you are not willing to admit it’s getting in your way of progress we all have flaws and we all have the ability to overcome the ones that suffocate our lives whether that’s binging on TV / scrolling on social media checking in too often to our cell phone notifications overeating whatever it is we all have that something that challenges us to let go of what we want in lieu of a fix on that temporary temptation acknowledge the weakness and it loses power the second tip is to toss the temptations if overeating is your thing it’s about well way the junk food and refused to buy it next time you shop if social media is your reason for not writing that scene or powering through on a rehab project that you’ve been dreaming up yes I took this idea straight out of the pet boutique then set some limits on yourself temptation will gut your goals they shouldn’t have that kind of control over you remember you can control them the third tip is to set a goal we hear this all the time and it starts to sound old make a goal and stick to it it’s repeated in so many ways and by so many people and yet many of us have an issue with actually setting them and following through with them why is this it’s such a simple concept yet we tend to overlook it perhaps it’s over saturation of hearing it that causes us to tune out of doing the very act that can set us apart seriously set a goal and go do it that’s the only way you are going to get the job done you have to know what you want play in ways to achieve it and then take action on it the fourth tip is to pat yourself on the back I think it’s important to point out here that we are only human and we are bound to mess up sometimes you can’t be perfect at willpower and self-control nobody’s perfect and if you shoot for perfection you are going to fail because there’s no such thing so cut yourself some slack and give yourself some leeway so that you can enjoy the process of doing whatever it is you are wanting to do if you find yourself slacking too much don’t beat yourself up over it simply enact a plan to improve limit your time on distractions to ten minutes then with all your discipline get back to the job at hand allow for some wiggle room and you’ll be more apt to succeed that brings me to my last tip which is to enjoy the process if you are struggling to get things done perhaps it’s time to think about your why why are you doing that project why are you writing that book make sure you have a powerful why to keep you going through the tough times you know those times in the middle that tend to sag because you are tired out of ideas beaten down by critical feedback there are so many things that can go against your creative endeavors and so having a powerful Y can help remind you to stop and enjoy the small victories when you have taken that step seen progress and felt the emotions of achievement friends as with anything you set out to do in life if you go after it with passion and with love you are going to enjoy the journey of it all and isn’t that really the whole point so hey friends thanks a lot for spending some time with me today while listening to my podcast curves welcome I did a few shameless plugs in this podcast for my newest release the pet boutique out on March 1st if you are interested in reading this novel I have included a link to it in the show notes and lastly be sure to follow the lesbian talk show to keep up on the latest episodes so thanks for tuning in until next time go out there and continue to learn grow and embrace life’s curves