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How to Get in the Zone

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How to get in the zone. I know a lot about this. In fact, I would bet any writer knows about this. To sit down and create a brand new world in 80,000 words, give or take, requires an extreme connection with the zone. You might be a writer, cook, accountant, doctor, no matter what you do there always comes a point where you need to zone into something with everything you have. Not getting there can be extremely frustrating.

I know how that feels. First, let me say, life tosses us curveballs and those curveballs can totally take us off track. One minute we’ve got laser precise focus on our intentions, the next second, yes second, because that’s all it takes, we are thrown so far off course we can’t even begin to recognize the landscape before us.

Many things can do this to us, job loss, a fight with someone we care about, an accident, a death, even good things like winning the lottery, getting a promotion, receiving an award, beginning a new friendship or romantic relationship. Any outlier to your set point can catapult you from where you intended to be. Good or bad.

And because life isn’t linear – if it were that would be boring – we’re forced to deal with this imbalance throughout our life. And the sooner we can recenter, the sooner we’ll get back to that incredible feeling of being in the zone.

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