How To Find The Best Podcast For You

We have such a variety of shows on the channel that it can be overwhelming when you start, and so we have created a guide on how to find the best podcast for you.

Here is a breakdown of the shows and then the common themes. If you click on the titles, you will see the latest podcasts that are relevant and you can listen to them all right on this website.

Fiction Podcasts

Audio Fiction 

Full Fiction Single Podcast

Radio Drama

Discussion Themes (Non Fiction Podcasts)

About Identity



Coming Out



Non Fiction Topics

Business of writing – These are podcasts about writing, selling and marketing your book. Aimed specifically at Indie Authors

History – Podcasts about history. These are non-fiction discussions about historical lesbians and queer women

Ask Sappho – The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast episodes where Heather answers listener questions

Interviews – All the interviews with experts, authors, readers and listeners.

Author Interviews – Interviews with authors about their books or about other people’s books.

Expert Interviews – Interviews with experts in speciality topics.

Live Your Best Life – These podcasts that are aimed at helping you be your most authentic self and living your truth.

Resolutions And Goals – Setting goals in life and sticking to them. How do you actually reach your dreams?

About Pop Culture – Pop Culture podcasts talk about Television, Movies, Comics, Podcasts and anything else related to pop culture

About Movies – We chat about movies in these podcasts. Love them or hate them, movies influence so much of today’s culture

About TV – TV is the main topic for these podcasts. We talk shows, influence and what if

Seasonal Episodes – Seasonal Episodes are based on themes like Christmas or valentines day. They encompass global celebrations and days of importance

Christmas / Festive Season – Christmas / The Festive season takes up a lot of time and influences decisions so whether you love or hate it you know it’s happening. These podcasts chat about it or are themed for the season

Valentines Day – Valentines Day may be a commercialised show of romance but it’s a global phenomenon. These podcasts celebrate with the rest of the world

Find Your Next Read

Book ClipsListen to authors and narrators presenting extracts of novels or audiobooks for you to get a taste of the book.

Podcasts about books and audiobooks


Book Club




Best Books / Audiobooks Lists


Ask A – This short-run series is aimed at busting the myths and preconceptions around specific gender identities and sexual orientations. Previous seasons have included Ask A Butch and Ask A Bisexual.

Book Clips – A mini podcast where narrators or authors do short readings from their novels.

Curves Welcome – A podcast to help you live your best life, including tips on how to overcome adversity and deal with the curves in life.

Les Do Books – This is a book nerd podcast all about fangirling over  f/f fiction, including talking to authors about the lesbian books they love.

Les Talk About It – Discussions about lesbian-related topics such as culture and stereotypes.

The Lesbian Historic Motif Project – This show is chock full of real life lesbians in history, historical fiction about lesbians and other fun old timey lesbian stuff.

The Lesbian Review Podcast – A spinoff of The Lesbian Review website, this show is packed with author interviews, top 10 lists, books and movies!

The Write Stuff – Through author interviews, you get to hear how they write, sell and market books in the lesbian fiction sector.

We hope you have found your next podcast listen with this guide on how to find the best podcast for you.