How to Become Mentally Strong

How to become mentally strong is the focus of today’s podcast. In order to grow mentally strong you have to put yourself through situations that are uncomfortable. In this episode, I share an experience that tested me on some serious strenuous levels and how I came out on the other side a hell of a lot stronger from it.

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[Music] hey thanks for joining me today for this episode of curves welcome a podcast about facing and embracing the curves of life if this is your first time tuning in this is Susie Carr so a few weekends ago I went scuba diving at Dutch Springs quarry in Pennsylvania and I went through a range of emotions that resulted in an incredible sense of mental toughness it took me two days to get there however I faced the fears of my life and in doing so I came out on the other side of that fear feeling more alive than ever let me tell you about what happened first of all I hadn’t been scuba diving in four years the last time I went I was being tested for deep diving advanced certification at the same quarry I passed without issue so I assumed that when I first descended the waters on that Saturday afternoon that I’d be right back at that same level of comfort that I left behind four years prior whew was I wrong I thought I was gonna die I really did and I quite possibly could have if I hadn’t had some wits about me I had this extreme bubble of panic in only 10 feet of water 10 feet despite having just run through all the safety measures and basic training overview before descending with my dive instructor and my dive buddy I panicked I felt completely out of control and totally not confident in my ability to breathe underwater and perform basic life-saving procedures should an emergency happen under the water when I descended that water and I landed on that 10 foot platform my mind clouded I couldn’t remember basic things like how to take a steady breath with a regulator in my mouth you see my Bart was pounding and I was just so frustrated because I was right back at square one from my first day trying scuba out so what I did was I shot up to the top of that ten feet of water and I felt like a complete failure total failure because fear had choked me and I allowed it to this was not my first time going diving so it just really frustrated me after an hour of reflecting we tried again this time my breathing felt better so we descended to 25 feet of water and practiced on some drills I was not completely comfortable but I was better so I finned at that depth for about 30 minutes or so rebuilding my confidence and feeling like okay I got this yeah all right I’m ready to go deep diving but then right at the end of our planned 30-minute dive one of my fears came to life my mask filled with water and I couldn’t remember how to clear it so thankfully I was right next to a safety rope and I clung to it and I slowly ascended without being able to see anything water went up my nose and before I could actually reach the surface where the air was I managed to suck in some water so I was choking underwater essentially and when I got to the surface it was terrible I was choking now suffice to say I did survive because I am podcasting about this we ended that day of diving and decided you know what it’s best to come back the next day with a clear mind set some might be wondering right now why bother Suze why put yourself through that here’s why because I knew that if I did not face this new fear of diving I regret it forever because I probably never dive again I am certified as an advanced diver and I’m really proud of this I’ve had so much fun under the water I’ve gone down to 80 some odd feet in the open sea Elly’s 20 something times so I have it within me to do this I was simply allowing fear to rule my mind I know from experience that on the other side of that fear is where real living begins and I like that feeling of being truly alive much more than the feeling of being dead inside due to a fear so you know what that next day we started out with a new strategy I decided to face the fear of the unknown by getting rid of the unknown you see my big fear was that that damned mask would fill with water and I would be blind when I was down at a depth too deep to simply ascend to the top there are safety life and death protocols that must be followed when you’re diving anything deeper than 15 feet you can’t simply rise to the surface quickly and without taking proper time at that 15 foot level to dissolve the gases that build up from being compressed under the water so I really needed to figure this part out before it went diving again and I felt the best way to dissolve this fear is to take away its power and the best way to take away its power is to outsmart it with knowledge removing the unknown factor that is always its catalyst on that second day that first dive was as basic as one could get I kneeled on a 10-foot underwater platform again and I took baby steps to figure this mask thing out and build the confidence that I needed at 10 feet I was safe to surface should I need to so that was me taking a baby step I spent 30 minutes under that water without – a mask at ten feet without a mask simply getting used to the feeling of having water in my nose and continuing to breathe through my regulator it’s such a strange sensation that is far from natural but once I understood that even without a mask I could breathe I could breathe without seeing and I could breathe with the sensation of water in my nose at that moment IV took the power seat if my mask came off at 80 feet under the water as long as my dive buddy is where he’s supposed to be which is at arm’s length away he will get us safely to the surface without my having to see it’s why we moved the need to panic there is no need to panic at that point because a fear is removed I had knowledge so therefore I had the power so the next step for me was to run through the steps to clear the water out of my mask underwater now that I was used to not having a mask clearing it would be simple and it was my problem was solved through acquiring the knowledge I gained comfort and through that comfort I regained the power after that everything went smoothly and I was back to finning below the surface with a great pleasure today I feel this incredible sense of calm and reassurance that I can do anything that I set my mind to this feeling was only possible by facing my fear head-on and saying no I am in charge of my life not it by putting myself in a stressful situation I became stronger I feel a great shift in my mindset today I feel mentally strong like I am truly alive I went beyond the comfort zone and as a result I grew we all have our thresholds for comfort if you crave to feel more alive and to be mentally stronger and better able to handle the stressors that life tosses at you find something that is holding you back and take baby steps to learn and expand your knowledge base of it and put yourself in this situation with safety measures in place of course the act of doing this will build your confidence to grow you have to put yourself through situations that are uncomfortable and when you do you come out on the other side of that situation as a doer in life as someone who has a greater respect for the incredible gift of being alive 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