How to Achieve Anything in Life

How to Achieve Anything in Life is the topic of this episode of Curves Welcome with Suzie Carr

Is there something you’re craving to achieve in life and are struggling to make it happen?

In this episode, I share 3 ways to help you achieve anything you set your mind to.

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[Music] hey thanks for joining me today for this episode of curves welcome a podcast about facing and embracing the curves of life if this is your first time tuning in this is Suzie Carr I have always had a fascination with dance as a kid I dreamed of achieving a lot of things but none more so than that talent to dance I was envious of all the girls who got to dress up in sparkly sequined outfits and perform on a stage in front of their family and friends I wanted to be that girl but growing up in a big family put a strain on finances for my parents and dance lessons weren’t exactly on the top of the priority list food shelter and clothes were a part of me was relieved in a way though relieved because a part of me didn’t trust that I had what it would take to be a skilled dancer who had earned a spot on that stage I feared the reality of taking that center stage you know I often wonder what would have happened if I didn’t sink into that comfort of that fear back then and I actually danced anyway danced wherever I could find a free spot in my imagination I was safe to explore the possibility of being that skilled dancer on stage and under the spotlight I spent a lot of time behind closed doors in pretend mode I experienced supreme dance moments in the privacy of my bedroom with my frilly curtains stuffed animals and hair brushes as my audience in that privacy I could be anyone I wanted to be so I chose to be a master of fluidity open to the thrill of Dance but only in the privacy of my own world you see I spent the better part of my childhood and young adulthood dreaming of dancing with a life I never felt I could claim in reality I dreamed not only of being a good dancer but a brave person a more social person and eventually a young woman achieving great things in life that my family and friends would be proud of I dreamed of these things but failed to actually enter the dance to make it a reality it wasn’t until I grew frustrated with always living life from the sidelines and watching everyone else achieve great results in life that I decided enough was enough I was tired of being a spectator a dreamer and I wanted to be a doer I wanted to claim that spot on the dance floor of life so I too could enjoy the rush of the journey I feel there are three things that hold us back from achieving in life lack of knowledge fear and rigidity to change I had a lack of knowledge and I wanted to change that I began to immerse myself in the process of learning I studied what others were doing and I learned from them now in the present day I still seek to learn I loved approaching life as a student of the universe I like to go for what I call Power Lunch walks around the campus where I work and during those power walks I enjoy learning new things like a new fitness or well-being concept life hacks and overall solutions to a challenge I may be personally facing at the time when I find a topic that resonates deeply I am all over it I study that topic as if my life depended on it siphoning all it has to offer so that I may apply it to my life I am hungry for knowledge because it is the basis for growth and new ways of thinking about what I’ve always seen in front of me it keeps me moving and engaged with life I form a dynamic bond with acquiring new information and testing it out in my life and then when I discover something really really cool about it I share it that’s where I derive my greatest joy is in the sharing of newly acquired knowledge every time I pick up a new fact or taste test a new proposed theory or concept I evolve into the next iteration of myself over the years I went from insecure fearful shy inhibited and basically miserable me to someone very secure curious bold uninhibited and thoroughly happy and fulfilled and how I did this was by seeking new ways to approach familiar situations in other words I sought out knowledge as a tool to dance with life’s curves through sheer frustration I have learned to love life’s curves since opening my eyes to the beauty and a challenge I don’t think I’ve come across a curve that hasn’t flirted with my curious hungry soul and left me a better traveller on this ever-changing twisting path in life in fact I dried up and wither away if on a straight and simple journey through life I enjoy when something encourages me to sashay around the path of life to advance forward I love to extend beyond what’s apparent with a fluidity born out of curiosity there is nothing sweeter than the heat that radiates from the heart of an exciting new take away on life only then can we dance with freedom freedom to live life on our own terms regardless of what is happening around us another thing that was holding me back from achieving was that I had a fear of failing I didn’t want to fall on my face that fear held me back for so long listen to achieve things in life that take your breath away and leave you dizzy with wonder you have to be willing to let go of the rigidity of fear insecurity and lack you’re listening to the lesbian talk show the lesbians or choke on your hub of podcast information you must realize that you have everything you need right where you are today to embrace those curves learn their lessons and thrive on the other side of them but you must be willing to dance at the dance to sashay across the room without hesitating to boldly claim your space your talents your skills and enjoy how they change you into someone in a constant state of growth and development you must be willing to be a student of the universe always opening your eyes to the moment that you are in extracting the heart of its beat and sharing in the fluidity of its graceful beauty the third element I held me back from achieving was my love of the comfort zone and my rigidity to change to achieve anything that you want in life you have to change your mindset by letting go of judgments resentments bitterness and all the negative baggage that you’ve accumulated through the years and said that baggage to the side look forward and remind yourself that the path before you is new it is a clean slate it is a brand new dance floor waiting for you to make your move what kind of move will you make will you fearfully cling to the sides of it in hopes of avoiding the spotlight the possibility of tripping over yourself although you say F that and open your arms up wide on a twirl as you boldly claim your spot and giggle your way into its mystery open to the opportunities that only those who are willing to get in the dance will be able to enjoy why would anyone choose anything but that I have asked myself that question at pivotal moments in my life Suzy why are you choosing to sit on the sides as a spectator while everyone else is having a great time getting tangled up in the mysteries of the erotic dance and if that didn’t get me interested in making a move I’d follow that question up with Suzy how has being fearful or hesitant ever served you friends it never has okay never all right well maybe like sitting still I have managed to avoid the ridicule of falling on my face but it’s those times when we fall on our face that we liberate ourselves and we liberate others by proving we can get over that fall simply by standing back up and carrying on did we die if you’re listening you obviously didn’t so if not we have triumphed there is a great power in that that fall did not stop you you got up and you triumphed as a result of getting up I have to say I respect a person who isn’t afraid to make that fall I admire that tenacity to take the risk perhaps they do fall but it’s in their standing that is most admirable I find myself cheering them on and wanting to share in that victorious dance of facing and embracing the curve the fall don’t you I think most everyone shares on those willing to take the risk those willing to risk their status quo for a spot on that dance floor why is this why do we cheer people on because we all want to see ourselves in that story we all want to see ourselves claiming our lives living on our own terms not being afraid to make a fool of ourselves transforming from spectator to active participant in this great dance of life as Garth Brooks saying ever so eloquently I could have missed the pain but I’d have to miss the dance to achieve anything in life you have to be willing to dance but what if you have no clue how to dance well first focus on the journey of it in other words focus on the excitement of discovery improving exploring and experimenting with what you don’t already know second keep it fun the moment you take a serious approach is the moment you lose that vital beat that keeps you in a fluid state laugh giggle seek the fun and by doing that you free others to indulge in that same fun vibe to third toss out that the fleeting negative self-talk just get rid of that when you start to doubt yourself and hear thoughts that break you down stop them by asking yourself something better like what is exciting about this and then keep seeking the answer to that question until you find it you will leave absolutely no room for those second guessing thoughts they are not your friend they are your enemy push them to the side and move forward forth seek out challenging situations to dance with be proactive about actually seeking out the challenge don’t wait for them to appear rather proactively place yourself in the center of that uncomfortable spot and flirt with it see where it takes you become the leader and show it your best moves use life as a practice ground for learning and improving lastly be willing to make a fool of yourself when you give yourself permission to fall or to trap you no longer fear it when you don’t fear it you learn to move in synch with it and this often results in a beautiful state of happiness and isn’t that the true gem in life to achieve anything in life you must be willing to open your arms wide to the idea of becoming a student of the universe facing and embracing your fears and shaking things up so you can claim your spot quite simply you must be willing to dance hey friends thanks for spending time with me today first up I want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has showed their love and support of my newest novel release the pet boutique a romance novel that has lots of flirty innuendos a fun-loving albeit wacky at times family and a spirited dog who makes sure that everyone adores her it is available on Kindle and Kindle unlimited as well as paperback I also want to thank all who have become patrons of my patreon page your support means a great deal to me for more information on joining me on this journey and gaining access to special rewards visit the link in the show notes also be sure to follow the lesbian talk show to keep up on the latest episodes so thanks for tuning in until next time go out there and continue to learn grow and embrace life’s curves English (auto-generated)