Suzie Carr

Name: Suzie Carr

curves welcome podcastWhere are you from?

I’m originally from Rhode Island, the smallest state in the U.S., then moved to Maryland 14 years ago to pursue a career in marketing/writing.

Why this topic for a podcast?

My podcast show, Curves Welcome, is about embracing the beauty in life’s curves. Life is full of twists and turns, challenging us to embrace the good and bad and the ups and downs. I enjoy adding these elements into each and every novel I write, as well as into my blogs and podcasts. Through my podcast, I share personal reflections on life’s curves. They are welcome in my life because they teach me valuable lessons and help me to grow. I hope by sharing my thoughts with listeners, they, too, can feel just as in awe of life’s curvy pathways.

If someone is new to your podcast, how would you describe it?

Uplifting, inspiring, and educational

What kind of person will enjoy your podcast most?

Anyone who seeks to enrich her life through an honest look at what drives us to do the things we do.

What is the biggest reward of being a podcaster?

Learning about life through tough lessons, humor, and good old fashioned respect for its unknown trajectories, then sharing it with others. Each time I record an episode, I learn something new about myself and life.

What is the biggest challenge of being a podcaster?

Finding a decent room noise level! Ha! Seriously, this is one of my biggest challenges, as I live five miles from an international airport and live with an energetic Boxer who always thinks record time is play time.

What would listeners find most interesting/surprising/unique about you?

I was bullied as a kid. The bully would slap me every time I tried to speak, and eventually stole my voice from me for two years. I grew up a very shy, insecure person as a result, deathly afraid of speaking up in public. I almost flunked out of high school because I refused to give presentations or read aloud in class. Then, one day, when I wanted to go to college, I realized I’d have to face my fear and pass an oral communications course. I almost dropped out of college over this. Then, a relative offered to take the class with me. When I stood up to give my first speech, I wanted to die. I actually would’ve rather faced death than give my opening presentation. I looked to my relative, and decided I’d give it a try and just speak to him. In the minute that followed, I began to find my voice. I looked around the room and saw a sea of smiling, encouraging peers actually looking interested in what I had to say. Well, I went on to face that fear, majoring in public speaking and now finding more of my voice through podcasting! Fears are limiting. I refuse to be limited by them!

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