Heart To Heart by Layce Gardner and Saxon Bennett

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Heart To Heart by Layce Gardner and Saxon BennettSynopsis 

Who says you can’t go home again? Amy’s fast paced New York City life is interrupted by her mother’s illness. She returns home to Fenton, Missouri after many years to find her childhood home on fire and her aging mother in need of long-term care. It’s more than she can handle, but with the help of her new found friends, she finds a life — and love — she wasn’t expecting. 

Parker is a self-made woman and owns her own carpentry business. She has had plenty of girlfriends in her life. The only problem is none of them seem to stick around for the long haul. Parker is tired of rejection and has reconciled her fate to being alone. Until the new girl in town hires her to renovate her burned house. Parker is torn between falling for Amy or guarding her heart and playing it safe.

Heart to Heart is an emotionally charged novel that explores loss, friendship, and a love that is discovered where you least expect it. This is book one of the True Heart series.

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Hungry Hearts written by Saxon Bennett and Lacey Gardner published by square pegs Inc narrated by Lacey Gardner

chapter one

Amy Warner slowed the car and turned off the radio she couldn’t believe what she was seeing a column of smoke was rising above the skyline of Fenton Missouri it seemed to be coming from the vicinity of her mother’s neighborhood the sound of sirens rang in her ears she was in her rental car telling herself the whole time that it wasn’t her childhood home that was burning it couldn’t be what were the odds she thought that she would be coming home to take care of her aging mother and arrive only to find her mother’s house burning to the ground about the same odds her mind responded sarcastically as Trump winning the presidency Amy turned the car around the corner in what she saw made her slam on the brakes it was her childhood home that was burning she parked the car half on the street half over the curb she jumped out leaving the door open with the alarm pinging and ran toward the house a wall of heat stopped her from getting too close a kaleidoscope of colors danced over Amy’s childhood home two fire trucks an ambulance and three police cars were crowded onto the small street and had their lights flashing Amy felt like she was trapped in a nightmare surely she would wake up any minute now her alarm would go off and she would wake to yet another day in New York City but there was no alarm this was real ami watched unbelievingly as black smoke boiled out of the house and orange flames hungrily licked the roof the pale yellow paint blistered and peeled off the wood siding a window bulged then burst outwards shattering leaving the house with an empty eye socket staring blindly firemen swarmed the yard two hoses poured water onto the roof and through the empty window while police held back curious onlookers mom where’s my mother ami asked a fireman as he ran by he didn’t answer at that moment a woman screamed the front door of the burning house burst open and thick smoke belched into the front yard two firemen emerged from the cloud of smoke they carried a screaming woman out of the burning house the woman flailed her thin arms and kicked her bare feet fighting the firemen every inch of the way her long stringy grey hair flew about her face as she whipped her head from side to side stop somebody help me the woman screamed her frail body convulsed with sobs and she continued in a voice raw with emotion I didn’t do it I swear somebody please help me ami watched in shock as her hysterical mother was handed over to two EMTs and strapped onto a gurney she ran across the yard to the gurney and forced her way in between the EMTs she tried to take her mother’s hand but her mother was still struggling and thrashing despite the restraints she placed both hands on the side of her mother’s face and said mom it’s me ami I’m here now I’m home at the sound of Amy’s voice her mother quieted hungry hearts written by Saxon Bennett and Lacey Gardner published by square pegs Inc you have been listening to book clips check out the show notes for the an abscess and buy links for this book if you are interested in showcasing your novel then check out the show notes for more information [Music]