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Today is show 40 of Seize the Day so I thought I would celebrate with a compilation show.

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I’ve had the great fortune to have some truly inspiring guests on – phenomenal women.  They have been gracious enough to share their stories and impart some invaluable advice for listeners.  In this show I have compiled that wonderful advice.

Each guest has offered their own unique and different take on how to Seize the Day; how to take advantage of opportunities presented to us.  It’s fabulous having them all together in one bite-sized, inspiring piece of audio.

Enormous thanks to these incredible individuals: –

AL Brooks

Lee Winter

Vanessa Raath


Clare Ashton

EJ Noyes

Melissa Brayden

Jennifer Brown

Seize the Day was inspired by my favourite latin expression, Carpe Diem. I’ve had some great mentors throughout my life who have offered me invaluable guidance. I’m hoping to do the same through these podcasts.  We have so many wonders at our fingertips; sometimes we just need a little help, or someone to help point us in the right direction. 

I hope you enjoy the show!

Transcript for Today’s Show

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you are listening to seize the day with Natalie Miller Snell now during these podcasts we’ll be exploring all of the different opportunities that we get to seize the day on a daily basis and what tools and what changes we can make in order to throughout those goals are you ready to make change hello hello hello podcast lovers how are you all it’s Thursday I’m Natalie and you are listening to seize the day now it’s show 40 which is incredible so what better way to celebrate then to compile all of the fabulous advice I’ve been given from the incredible guests who have come on the show over the last 20 shows so you’re going to get to hear from Lee winter Emily noise Melissa Brayden Ratcliffe clear Ashton just to name a few I really hope you enjoy the show take care now we’ve got a real treat today it’s my true delight to have on the show Angela Brooks I love it so since this is a seize the day theme yeah what would you now say to any of the listeners you know you’ve got some great Caesar day moment yourself what would you say to anybody who’s looking to start out on their own or do something out of their comfort zone for them to get out and just do it what would you be your advice yeah I think I was thinking about this after you me obviously sent me this question in advance and I start thinking about it yesterday I think the main thing there’s kind of two or three things that I’d say one is don’t be scared you know actually an awful lot of things are possible if you just give them a go yeah fear is the biggest thing that can hold you back from trying anything new whether it’s a small thing or a big thing I mean I’ve done a big thing I’ve moved to a new country but that brings me on to my second point I had a lot of help with that I had a lot of people rallying around to make sure that that transition from the UK to Germany was as seamless as possible so don’t be afraid to ask for help whatever it is that you want to do reach out to people the people in your life you really care about you will fall over themselves to help you with something that that if it’s that important to you they’ll recognize that and they will help you and so don’t be afraid to ask don’t be afraid to say you know what actually that thing I said I could do on my own I don’t think I can could you help me with that and you’ll find everybody will be like yeah what when you need me right when how you know and that’s what I found in that in this big move everyone was really keen to help make my new dream a reality I love that and that’s I mean that is so true as well folk often don’t feel that they should or could ask people for help actually it’s an innate thing we don’t feel that we should be able to be able to deliver and do it on our own but actually sometimes you need to you know lean on somebody a little bit or seek guidance from somebody else who’s either done it or perhaps might have more experience and it is okay to ask it’s really good to ask and people want to help yeah it’s also ok to fail this is something our society is not very good at letting us do it is totally okay to try something and it not work yeah it’s ok to just fight against that pressure from society to be perfect all the time to be sitting in some kind of mold of how that the society perceives you to be mean let’s face it you know I’m a LESBIAN I came out that’s a massive seize the day moment to actually step out of the comfort zone of the heteronormative society and say no do you know what I’m actually a little bit different from that and I’m going to live my life true to that you know I thought of a quote this morning and it’s not I don’t even know if it’s a real quote it came from the Baz Luhrmann of films Strictly Ballroom which is the one about all the dancing yeah I’ve done if you’ve seen it or anybody seen it there’s a quote that’s quoted in there by the character who has Spanish descent or Latin Latino descent and it’s it’s something like a life half lived is half for life ok yeah you’ve only got one shot at this unfortunately we only get one go so why would you live your life doing what everybody else thinks you should do and trying to conform to a whole load of stuff that society places on you if you really want to do something do whatever you can to try and make it happen because it’s your only chance you should fill your life with things that you really want to do as far as possible I know there are some limits on that for a lot of people but just try don’t sit there going oh well I can’t because the dirt the dirt yeah you probably can and certainly you can if you start asking around yeah and this goes back to your other point as well and I’ve touched on it in some of my other shows it’s the fear factor we often disguise the fear in other excuses as to why we shouldn’t do something to you know give ourselves blocker so we don’t have to actually go into that uncomfortable place and go and do it and you know what on the one hand sometimes that’s fine that if that’s if you need to survive cope be happy then great there’s nothing wrong with that but if you’ve got a burning ambition to try something don’t sit there going oh well I’ll do it in five years or ten years or you know you could get run over by a bus tomorrow so there’s never the right time just get on and yeah you just now it’s Mediasite yeah and yes some things some things we’ll need some planning some things we’ll need some money some things we’ll need some support but yes if you if you actually decide I’m gonna go for it and you start putting out the feelers for that and you start asking all the right questions you’d be amazed what falls in your lap and what sudden breaks you’ll get you know like the universe will listen to you that sounds really kind of like out there but oh no I love it Angela I love it yeah really well it really will you know if you if you set things in motion you’ll be amazed at how quickly they can progress I did I went on a workshop last year and in fact one of the things that the lady was hosting the workshop Sam Collins said and touching on your point if we have had this protection around ourselves to prevent ourselves from moving forward for whatever reason we need to acknowledge it much like you said say thanks to ourselves and thanks to that protection at that time for why it was there yeah and why we’ve but then kind of I don’t need you anymore I can now move forward and get on and just make that step exactly because it’s there for a reason you’ve protected yourself for whatever’s going on in the past perhaps maybe or even and it’s now time you can you know go for it yeah completely which is lovely I like that a lot this has been delicious it has thank you very much don’t my absolutely my pleasure now today is my anniversary show woohoo and a suitable way to celebrate is I’ve got an incredible guest on who I am beyond excited about talking to you and probably will get a little bit giddy with excitement please put your hands together for the incredible Leigh winter well go all out really hey how are you I’m very fine thank you listening to what you’ve got to say I mean you’ve been you’ve seen so many opportunities it’s really inspiring I think what would you say to anybody who wants to do something that’s out of their comfort zone go to a new job or something whether what would you what kind of advice would you give them to just get out there and do it I would tell them to have people in their life who are on their side who are optimistic not the people who telling you always it’ll fail but somebody goes oh yeah how’d it go my mother was very optimistic she was always the can-do kind of woman and and my father was the opposite and when I wanted to become a journalist my dad said oh well you know thousands of people apply and my mum turned to him and said oh why can’t she they’ve got to give it to someone cadetships to someone and so I was really glad I had new boots on my life to sort of offset beds negativity so I had her always saying that and it’s amazing how if you just have even one person in your life telling you well why can’t you do that why not it will really help you take the risk yeah you go and always be a pattern it’s true what they say and if you find something you love you never work today in your life yeah because if you enjoy it’s not working is it you enjoy it but you’re so right to have positive people around you it pays it goes a long way because sometimes we can’t see the wood for the trees and I think you just need somebody now and again to say it doesn’t matter or just to help breathe just go for it what’s the worst that can happen you know give it a go and you’ll be great and we’re often that you are negative because sometimes you need to say are you insane they’ve got the waterfall with eight floaties on me the other points as well so I’m not saying you want to be low you know that’s good definitely I love that now I have a really exciting show for you today I’ve got a friend of mine on she is a fantastic woman her career is fast please put your hands together for the incredible finesse era what would you say to somebody and then we’ve gone through a whole wonderful wonderful discussion about how to seize the day generally anyway but what would you say to somebody who sat down now listen to this they might be at their desk at work they might be pondering what to do next they might be wanting to go on an adventure write a book whatever what would you say to them in order for them to just get up and seize the day give them a little bit of a kick or inspire them I’m gonna end this with an African ISM bin and there’s a there’s a famous African quote that says how do you eat an elephant your funny food question no the answer is in small pieces so it’s an African ism and basically is just like take a small step towards your goal every single day and and and like you you know be positive put it out there but just keep working towards it and things will start falling into place don’t overthink it but as long as you’re moving closer and closer to that goal you’ll be surprised how quickly you will reach their goal and that’s my best advice now I have an enormous treat for you today I’ve got a guess on who’s pretty epic she’s a legend please put your hands together for the incredible rad clear how are you right click good morning I’m really well thank you and hello to everyone I’m really happy to be here all of our listeners and the listeners on Caesar day what advice would you give them in order that they can go out and seize the you know grab goals seize an opportunity something they’ve wanted to do all their life what kind of advice would you give them if they’re lacking a bit of confidence or just to go out and do it well I won’t be disingenuous enough to say well you just have to try because then people do try all the time and and can’t always accomplish it I think one needs support I think that sharing your dream is maybe one of the first steps in that in order to sometimes in order to accomplish a dream you need to be encouraged from outside yes you have to try but I think you also have to explore all the avenues there may be there may be routes you haven’t taken and I think that sharing with the people close to you what you really care about and what you really want may help you get the support you need to get there you know I love that and what I love about this show when I ask everybody this question everybody comes to it with a slightly different angle and I think what you’ve just said there’s very important because we have these goals we have these visions we have these dreams and sometimes you can verbalize it and someone might just have a tiny suggestion or a thought on it that can literally just then send it atmospheric or most will really help you along the way so then that’s fabulous a bit of advice and it helps you almost process sometimes as well I like that I like that a lot where can everybody find you now I’ve got another fabulous treat for you today I have a fabulous guest on she is an internationally successful India author and she’s also won the rainbow ward for best lesbian contemporary and erotic romance there’s a mouthful for her novel puppy Jenkins which I understand has boobs in it I mean you know for the incredible rush turn thank early mention of boobs the or how we’re gonna go what kind of advice would you give to a listener who wants to seize the day perhaps to do something new with their life change their career have a child would actually have a family and not sure about how to go about it or should they do it what kind of advice would you give somebody who wants to do something but they’re uncertain how to proceed being a bit older now having the kids and kind of my life is run by kids I suppose that idea in a different ways it is making sure I have time and space to not let it just a life drift apart make sure that we’re doing things that keep us all happy and you know there’s make sure I’ve got time for the kids so that when they want to equate things like we’re having a pajama day you know we were all knackered so I just didn’t stay in our pajamas all day stay indoors but Ellie decides she wants to have a game of football and it’s pouring it down with rain outside and I just think well come on then let’s go outside pajamas play football let’s do it and it was just well as really silly moments rain in pajamas running around outside neighbors looking over you know they were thinking what they’re for they do and kids slipping around Willow place and it was just like one of those magic moments that I’ll remember forever so it’s kind of make sure the little moments don’t pass you by because sometimes they’re better than will anything you dream off really and that is a perfect season a bit of advice honestly thank you for being an awesome listener and supporting tilt the channel that brings you all the podcasts you want to hear Erin listening to talk find more podcasts on the lesbian talk show com I’m super excited today I have a guest on who is Knightley is she wonderful but she has written my favorite book so far this year in 2019 please bring your hands together for Emily noise thank you thank you this has been amazing and now to the question for anyone who wants to go out and set out on their own or do something maybe write a book since you’re an author I don’t have anything out of their comfort zone what would you suggest they do in order to go and grab their goals or what kind of what kind of advice would you give them just saying you know get out and do it I think the biggest I suppose lesson I’ve learned through writing which which really carries over to my other day is to like my everyday life is isn’t learning to accept my own limitations emotional limitations you know things like I’m really I’m really bad at organization you know and and I pants on my novel so I don’t plan anything so so learning to work around those things and and learning to let go of things that aren’t beneficial to me like fear you know like fear fear of failure is huge when when you when you’re putting work out for people to read and and to comment on and and to tell you how they feel about that so fear of failing or of producing work that’s not good or all that people might enjoy and and and learning to accept that some things I just can’t control you know and to a degree I would say to a degree more than like more than not I think I sort of have a handle on that but you know it’s sort of a it’s definitely a process when you’ve sort of held on to beliefs and and you know just the way that you conduct yourself for such a long time it is hard to change your whole thought process but no I think that’s that’s a great bit of advice actually focusing on your self terms of how you see things how you react to things and conditioning just to let go of what you don’t need so you can move forward that’s exactly advice great bit of advice love it I did it on I give some advice me now I’ve got a great treat for you today another fabulous guest I am super excited to have Melissa Braden on the show I’m so excited to be sharing with you from across the pond what advice would you give to listeners listening to everything that you’ve gone through you see so many opportunities you move forwards you don’t let nerves what I think holds you back what advice would you give to a listener who wants to do something new a career change perhaps or just seize one of their own goals that they’ve been not confident enough to go and get what advice would you give them to just go do it I think what I’ve learned in my time on earth is that sometimes we wait for something to feel like the perfect time and that now I’m ready this is the moment this this is it those moments don’t really happen that often I I would say don’t wait for things to feel perfect if there’s something that you longed for if it’s a goal that you have or something you hope to achieve or a life change you want to make don’t wait for it to feel perfect because I don’t think the perfect scenarios exist in life the way we think they do I think you have to make your life what it is so instead of waiting you take that first bold step forward and make it happen for yourself don’t don’t sit back and wait for the universe to come to you and sometimes we can get inside of our own heads and get in our own way and for that I’ve come up with a little phrase that that I say to myself which is take your hand off the stove when I come up with all the reasons something won’t work and no I’m not going to do this or that it’s because I’ve got my hand on the stove and I’m punishing myself and it’s like take your off the stove just do us stop that negative thinking I like that really works yeah I like that a lot actually and to your point when you’ve actually go for it when you see today when you do something even if you’re nervous even if perhaps it doesn’t work out quite right you feel empowered because you’ve made the first step and then the next step you’ve already gone there already so that’s an easier process to take the next one will push you further and further I think we worry about we’ve already bought failure and we worry about getting Barris or not doing it quite right as you mentioned earlier it but you just take you take the plunge a years ago for it I think so I think back to that moment if I hadn’t sent in that first manuscript I would be doing something entirely different with my morning right now and I happen to really love my job and so I’m so glad that I took that risk and sent it in because if I had if I had just hit save on my computer and gone back to my day job life would be so much different and I like to think not as exciting love it thank you so much for coming on now I am incredibly excited for today’s show I have got such an inspirational lady on I’m bowled over she is a leading diversity and inclusion expert a dynamic keynote speaker best-selling author award-winning entrepreneur and host of the will to change podcast which uncovers true stories of diversity and inclusion please put your hands together for the incredible Jennifer Brown thank you for joining me thank you love this absolutely loved it just finally to close off since this is a Cesar Day theme and you demonstrate such a vast amount of seizing the day opportunity season moving forward you’re a confident lady the background and whatnot which you openly admit you know privilege starts but you still make in those moves and you’re advocating for others which is amazing for all of the listeners what advice would you give them if they wanted to try something new or perhaps that are more shy there may be an introvert and they want to move forward in their life put themselves out there being in the workplace do something you what kind of advice would you give to somebody to seize the day and whatever guys that may be mm-hmm well let’s stay on the theme of sharing your story I mean I I would love to see more of us like uncover whatever we might be keeping like very very deep about ourselves it with the intent to change things around us but then also to leave that legacy of change so that others can have an easier Road so I think that Toofer kind of blends of both healing ourselves through our sharing of stories through that confidence of my story matters and by the way it’s important to believe that it’s important to the system whatever organizational context you’re in because we need to bring these this change I mean I I don’t know we can’t really wait to have the change performed by someone else I mean we are the change makers so you know I think our pride our embracing of ourselves our commitment to our own authenticity our commitment to our needs are our honoring of that is what’s going to change the world around us so you know I think that you know the less we adjust ourselves to make others more comfortable in whatever group were in that actually can change hearts and minds that authenticity people get inspired by that they really do and like we’ve talked about today the world needs that because the world doesn’t know what it doesn’t know so I’m some wearing that – yeah yeah inside might have a little bit of a truth there that they’re not even aware of and right yes and it may open that up yes you can never predict the domino effect that you can have and it’s a it’s a wonderful joy to discover the impact you’ve had on people that you didn’t even know and and you could never have predicted so I do think in my experience people are very open right now they’re like in the world right now in the political environment in the company environment a lot of people are like okay now I know what I don’t know like and can I like maybe I could do more but what is that more like what is the how and I think there’s an openness to that that I haven’t honestly never seen and all the years I’ve been doing this it has really shifted in the last year or two people are like you know not doing enough what is this diversity thing how can I be an inclusive leader and that was right I wanted to write the book because I just wanted to capitalize on this on this openness the door is open and people are open minded and hearted they just don’t know what to do and how to support so if we did nothing else but to say to ourselves like how can I ask somebody to support how can I you know endless this how can I surround myself with you know people who have my back um how can I tell my story so that it may shift something in somebody else how can I not like it how can I not have my confidence diminished because I feel you know ashamed or I’m hiding something that’s my truth because by the way that damages us most of all it damages us to tell our subliminal selves like this is something that I am either ashamed of or it’s something that I have to kind of spend energy modifying downplaying minimizing you know that hurts my productivity it hurts my professionalism it hurts my power honestly and I mean that’s that’s diminishing us at the end of the day so don’t give in to that remember you’re a leader remember you’re leading with your story remember you have the ability to transform people and teens and organizations around you and remember that the world really needs you right now because we don’t know what we don’t know and you need to teach us this has been fantastic thank you for sharing your morning with me this has been and sharing Natalie really than on your farm thank you thank you everyone for listening take care look after yourself keep well you have been listened to seize the day with Natalie all contact information can be found in the shownotes together with any links to websites I may have referred to in the show if you’ve enjoyed this podcast please come and talk to us at the tilt talk show chat group on Facebook or follow tilt on Twitter you can also contact me directly on email which is nathalie menace now at thank you thank you thank you [Music]