Girls Who Pray by Evelyn Dar

Hear the author doing a reading from Girls Who Pray by Evelyn Dar @evelyn_dar on this episode of Book Clips, the mini podcast that gives listeners a taste of a book.

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New York Times bestselling author Claire Roberts is being sued by the Amish. 

Yep, those Amish.

Claire’s latest release, a tell-all memoir about growing up Amish, reveals startling truths and intimate details about a passionate, secret love affair between herself and another woman. Claire now stands accused of libel and finds herself locked in a legal battle against the very community she once called home.

Can Claire defend the truth of her words while still protecting the privacy of the woman she once loved? And perhaps still does?

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you are listening to book clips a mini podcast in which authors do readings from novels check out the show notes for the synopsis and by links for this book hi my name is Evelyn Dar and today I will be reading from my novel girls who pray chapter one trial day one for goodness sake mark I am in the middle of a lawsuit were shelving the deal Claire Roberts flip the ash from the end of her cigarette indefinitely hissing static filled the line and rendered her agents words unintelligible Claire tapped the Bluetooth in her ear mark hello can you hear me just great mark muttered as a static cleared up of course the towers don’t work in bumfuck USA or whatever godforsaken hellhole she’s in Claire smiled and surveyed the dusty main road in front of the courthouse asheville ohio was the embodiment of small-town life it was home to a gas station so old patrons had to go inside to use a credit or debit card a mcdonald’s so knew most locals avoided it altogether and traffic so mild Claire expected to see tumbleweeds rolling around the street she took a drag of her cigarette don’t take the Lord’s name in vain Jesus Christ mark said mark isn’t that flicks Claire you don’t say no to Netflix okay we’re talking career suicide here I don’t have time for Claire froze as she detected movement out the corner of her eye in her peripheral she watched as a young man wearing a baggy hoodie jogged up the courthouse steps he stopped just shy of the entrance doors and pulled out his phone Claire adjusted her sunglasses and stepped closer to one of the oversized columns that lined the front of the courthouse she lowered her voice you’re my agent isn’t saving my career your job and god forbid you make it easy on me Claire crushed the stub of her cigarette against the side of the building and rummaged through her bag for the pack Netflix doesn’t need you Claire you need them I need them especially with all this other stuff going on Claire’s hands closed around the pack other stuff she glanced at the young man certain he’d moved a few inches closer to her she lit a fresh cigarette and casually moved down two steps mark I am being sued by the Amish in what every news outlet in the world is calling the trial of the century I wouldn’t say every news outlet in the world she heard him smiled through the phone yeah not that famous hon she you sure know how to make a girl feel good they offered you showrunner Mark blurted Claire gasped and the lit cigarette slipped from her mouth what you heard me mark said not only do they want to adapt the day of Celeste into a full-blown series but they want you at the helm that never happens yeah Wow Claire bent down to pick up her cigarette but as she reached for it the toe of a red bottom teal crushed the glowing Ember and grounded into the step for good measure Claire side and straighten up darn it Jenny I just lit that Jenny Mark squawked and Claire’s ear let me speak to her maybe she could talk some sense into you showing no sign of remorse on her perfect face Jenny Chen hand it Claire a Starbucks cup the soy chai latte Grande you’re welcome still miffed about her cigarette Claire sipped her latte in silence don’t pout Jenny said it causes wrinkles besides you’ll thank me in she looked at her watch three to Claire Taylor Atwood jogged up the courthouse steps her long tan legs taking them two at a time Claire allowed herself a moment to admire Taylor’s extraordinarily short and hip hugging flower pattern dress I stopped by your room this morning Taylor hugged Claire lifting her slightly off the ground but you were gone sorry Claire said and extracted herself from Taylor’s arms I didn’t want to be late oh you’re such a little punctual pumpkin Taylor tugged on Claire’s nose Jenny snorted and Claire gave her the evil eye we tailor wrinkled her nose do you smell that she held back her long blonde dreadlocks bent over and grabbed Jenny’s shoe Jesus Dharma Jenny shook her foot free from Taylor’s grasp Taylor picked up the crush smoldering butt and waves it in front of Jenny’s face cancer lots and lots of cancer chemotherapy low survival rates Taylor dropped the button discussed and pulled out her phone I’m trying to quit Jenny rolled her eyes or whatever will shut you up dharma I’m googling the studies now Taylor said and it’s not calling me Dharma she made a face Oh what does that even mean oh my god Jenny mumbled and shot Clara you owe me look wait you still robbing the cradle mark asked I thought you dumped her last summer Clare jumped and nearly screamed she’d forgotten mark was on the line cupping the Bluetooth she whispered I am NOT robbing the cradle she is 24 and in yeah 32 babe that’s like the definition of robbing the cradle mark joking mark said I didn’t know you guys were still a thing Clare side we aren’t exactly Oh Mark said I get it she’s just here for moral support mark snorted platonic moral support Clare said unlike somebody I could mention ouch you wound me mark said not sounding at all wounded but seriously hon we gotta figure this out can we talk about this later Clare checked her watch I have to go wait Clare yes promise me you’ll think about the deal Mark said I mean really think about it this could be big like yellow to Amish ass could be the next Shonda Rhimes big I’ll think about it bye mark Clare popped the blue tooth out of her ear and Taylor immediately brushed a lock of hair out of Claire’s eyes mmm Taylor caressed the newly shaven sides of Claire’s head I still can’t get over how short it is she bit her lower lip you look like Ruby Rose except hotter Jeni snorted Ruby Rose doesn’t even look like Ruby Rose Taylor arched an eyebrow and how would you know she’s a client Jenny said matter-of-factly of course she is Taylor said Jenny smirked this is the girl whose great-grandfather invented gummy worms and has more money than a Kardashian Claire smiled and was about to come to Taylor’s defense when someone tapped her on the shoulder Miss Roberts Claire turned around the young man wearing the hoodie stood in front of her oh okay it is you a nice haircut by the way you kind of look like Ruby Rose he winked at her unzipped his hoodie and casually pulled out a microphone Miss Roberts I’m Finn Carver with the daily grind and our viewers would love to hear your side of the story before the trial begins before Claire could respond Jeni transformed into the no-nonsense attorney Claire both trusted and feared my client has already given a statement to the press so if you’ll excuse us she took Claire’s arm Taylor glared at Finn Wow you came all the way to Ohio to be a scab how pathetic the three women brushed past him you weren’t born Claire Roberts Finn called out Claire froze were you Jenny padic Claire’s arm don’t feed the troll Claire nodded and continued up the steps Finn flanked her and thrust the microphone in her face clearly you had no problem changing your own name why not change the other names in your book Claire stopped set a silent prayer and turned around a cameraman and a woman holding a boom mike had joined fen in fact Finn continued you probably wouldn’t be here today if you would just change the names Taylor stepped in front of Claire look a little asshole I don’t know who you think you are but Claire touch Taylor’s shoulder it’s okay she stepped forward removed her sunglasses and gave her New York Times bestselling author smile Finn and his tiny crew crowded around her Claire cleared her throat although it reads like fiction girls who pray is a work of nonfiction and as I’m sure you’re aware a work of fiction is based on facts real events and real people Clara smile widened there was no need to change anyone’s name everything in the book is factual I have no further comment thank you girls who pray ends on a cliffhanger Finn said ignoring Clare’s attempt to end the interview rumor has it you finished the sequel was that a question Clare blinked her patience wearing thin the camera man wolf-whistles yo Finn he pointed at the courtyard check it out man a horse-drawn buggy had just pulled up Clare squinted as the driver of the buggy stepped out the man wore typical Amish clothing a plain dark suit black boots and a broad brimmed black hat he was clean-shaven and stood at least six and a half feet tall when Clare saw the sandy brown hair sticking out of the sides of his hat she gasped Gideon she whispered to herself I am Evelyn dar and that was an excerpt from my latest novel girls who Bray you have been listening to book clips check out the show notes for the synopsis and by links for this book if you are interested in showcasing your novel then check out the show notes for more information [Music]