Get A Hobby

Get A Hobby is the title of this episode of Coffee Break With KA & Dana: Meaningful Conversations From A Lesbian Perspective

Whether you love woodworking, playing guitar, gardening, playing bridge, or making jewelry, hobbies can be soul-nurturing endeavors with health benefits.

In this episode, KA and Dana discuss the topic of hobbies including:

  • why we need them
  • potential physical health benefits
  • potential mental health benefits
  • hobby suggestions

KA is an author of lesbian romance with degrees in counseling, psychology, and social work. She writes stories about lesbians, burdened by past trauma, who find healing in the love of a soul mate.

Dana is an avid reader, a recovering alcoholic, a fisher-woman, and a graduate of the school of hard knocks.

As co-hosts, they’re quite the duo. Connect with them online at

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[Music] welcome to coffee break with KA and Dana were brought to you by the lesbian top shelf I’m KA a lesbian romance author and in my past life counselor and a social worker and I’m Dana an avid reader coffee connoisseur recovering alcoholic and a graduate of the school of hard not grab a cup of coffee pull up a chair join us for a meaningful conversation from a lesbian perspective many of us think we have no time for hobbies we’re stretched to our limits exhausted and yet dabbling and hobbies may be just what we need to answer lives and improve our health according to psychology today when aging researcher TF Hughes and colleagues examined her hobbies impacted people’s lives they found that engaging in hobbies for at least an hour a day protected against dementia later in life it’s been studied and proven time after time hobbies help the heart and the mind in this episode KA and Dana will discuss hobbies why you want them and why they’re good for you won’t you join us for a meaningful conversation so we are talking about hobbies today and I know when I tossed this topic out you thought I jumped off the deep end but I don’t know about you but as I got to reading and looking more closely at this topic I think it’s a good one I was surprised and you know as far as you going off the deep end it’s not the first or the last but I want to thank you for that for sharing your true thoughts with our listeners oh you know I always try and be honest but you know the thing about hobbies is anyone I mean anyone can do this do something as far as a hobby goes well yeah yeah as a kid we have all kinds of hobbies but the thing is I don’t know about you but as I got busy through the years you know working long hours on call at night blah blah blah I carved out that little piece and replaced it with something productive and that’s the thing about a hobby is probably 80% of them are productive now some of the places that I was reading they were listing as watching TV as a hobby which I don’t agree with but I didn’t write it but for the most part the hobbies make you get up and move your body and your mind well some hobbies do that TV web searching social media I’m not I’m not sure I’m not sure that’s just not a way to fill the time I think that’s an escape route that’s kind of how I see it too although I do my share of it certainly not judging those who spend time doing it but I but I got to me that’s not quite a hobby a hobby something for me that’s I don’t know more active you’re more engaged in it more like a project or I don’t know there are lots of different things that would fall into the category but oh good you know I opened the show talking about the benefits of hobbies so there there are good reasons even though you’re painfully overwhelmed with job or kids or grandkids or whatever there are good reasons to carve out an hour a day to do something fun that falls into that hobby category related to your health specifically your heart in your mind I mean your heart functions better the blood flows better I mean research studies have proven that and if you’re one of those folks that engages in a hobby for an hour a day you might hold off dementia Alzheimer’s because there’s something to that it’s worth it it is worth it and it’s also worth it because it gets you thinking about something besides yourself I kind of looked at the hobbies as healing you know what hobbies could help you heal from trauma and all of the research that I read indicates that using your brain in a different making your brain think out of the box is the best thing to help heal from trauma yeah I mean and that makes sense really I mean think about it because when you’re healing from trauma you’re all wrapped up in pain and if you get engaged in something I don’t know it could be anything putting a jigsaw puzzle together if you get engaged in an activity you’re not thinking about the pain quite as much as you were right yeah just using just flipping the switch into going into the hobby I think helps people with trauma because then they learn how to do that you know you force yourself to do it when you start your hobby but then it becomes a habit and then you can use it in other directions you know when your mind is going crazy flip the switch okay so so do you have hobbies do you do things that fall into hobbies and and so for now let’s let’s remove serving TV Facebook Twitter let’s remove that and not call those hobbies do you have hobbies sure an hour a day no but I can tell you a new hobby that I’m going to try and get and do at least an hour a day and that’s walking but my heart you know I love to do woodwork and it’s something that gets me out of myself and at the end I have something to see I’m kind of know I’m an instant gratification person I like to see that I’ve done something yeah I mean I’m kind of the same way then that’s kind of a creative hands-on endeavor yeah and I think that’s it’s important for me because well one thing that’s important to me it hurt my hands when I was younger and so at I haven’t done it lately but when my hands really hurt it crochet because it makes me use my hands and my fingers and helps loosen them up I used to want to try to I used to want to crochet I’m my grandmother crocheted the most beautiful doilies but I don’t know my wiring just wasn’t made to crochet so my doilies never looked like her doilies my doilies don’t look like my grandma’s doilies either I might have their own uniqueness right you know and that’s just it you know the hobbies we’re gonna mention you don’t fit everybody my wife could no more sit down at the at the desk or the table and do woodworking then you know then fly cuz that’s this as you said that’s not how she’s wired so what does she like what are her hobbies well she doesn’t really have any at the moment we’re working on that for her to find a hobby well I can think of one if I break the TV rule just a little bit I might call a hobby just because she does it almost religiously yeah well and and there’s you know there’s mindless TV searching surfing and that that to me isn’t it but if you really are I don’t know an avid sports fan and you follow a team and you know the scores and you know the standings that uses your brain it does and it makes her heart race so I mean it gets your heart rate up during the games and so I suppose my wife loves to read history and presidential biographies and and and loves CNN I mean and that TV thing kind of falls outside of the regular TV watching for me too because I mean she really thinks I mean she follows those commentators she knows who they are and she follows his politics and I think politics and history are her hobby so far we’ve named solitary things have you noticed that yes yeah yeah you know that’s kind of what happened what’s happened to our society at least that’s what what I was reading in the in decades past people used to belong to the PTA or they’d have neighborhood potlucks or and some people still coach their kids softball or whatever but activities hobbies that got them out with people and as a society we’re doing less of that the hobbies that we do are more solitary kind of hobbies yeah that’s one thing that I had found about the reasons to get a hobby is so that you can foster new social connections and find find a new posse that thinks like you do I’m in a book club there are ten of us we meet twice a month and we’re all there with the same intention and I think that is also I considered a hobby yeah and and you know in my head I don’t think of church as a hobby but one article says it was but but I’m active I mean I’m really active vice-president the consistory chair committee I’m active and and that probably falls into that socialization kind of a hobby the activity level of it but mostly mine are solitary – oh well I play bridge every week I guess that’s not solitary but do you really play or do you just sit there and think about your characters while your wife’s playing well now that depends on the week there are weeks that I’m very competitive and all about the bridge game and then there are weeks and I’m thinking about the next scene we’re top team and with me on the phone in the book right but we don’t ridge bridge opponents that sorts socialization and trust me you have to think a little bit to play bridge oh no doubt no doubt even if you have characters on the brain and you know you’ll never be as competitive as your wife but I don’t good cuz right behind me history see a man and presidential beyond biographies its bridge yes anything any card game I’ve played cards with your wife oh yeah that’s right that’s not you dad yes so she’s she’d say she wasn’t competitive but she is and and that part of the game is kind of a hobby yeah absolutely a cave and and it’s one of those things you know we get so confined in these boxes of what our days are supposed to look like what we’re supposed to do what we have to accomplish you know dr. da da da and even if that it’s taken me getting outside the box and thinking about something else and having another activity and that’s what I found a lot of when I was looking at you know hobbies and healing well it’s really good for just everybody needs a hobby at least one but yes and if you’re gonna do it do it for an hour a day because I mean why not get the benefits out of it this seems a little excessive to me oh well you know what I was just I just I I got this new iPhone 10 oh my wife got it for me for our anniversary and I mean one of the things that I’ve got it doing is tracking my screen time and I’m trying to reduce that so just iPhone screen time do you know I was doing an hour and a half a day screen time on the darn iPhone and I I was and I spend the rest you know so many hours looking at a computer screen writing and so I’ve been shaving some of that iPhone screen time down I mean there is no reason for that other than it’s fun [Music] but that’s it you know even if you can carve out 30 minutes better nothing you’re right you know excuse me because it’s just the fact of making a different choice yeah yeah I get I get that and and just because the studies say that an hour a day has these benefits it doesn’t mean that 30 minutes doesn’t it just means that hasn’t been studied so your heart and your brain can benefit by you getting a hobby I I took up a new one my wife got well I she got me this because I wanted it bigger but I wanted all the fancy gadgets to start making artesian homemade pizzas the dough and all the gourmet pizzas I’ve been having the most fun with that really oh my gosh yes I’ve been making some odd combinations so that doesn’t surprise me spicy spinach there’s an artichoke one and there’s a Brussels sprout recipe I’m gonna try oh-o-oh if the listeners could only see your your expression and I chose those pizzas just to get that reaction nasty oh my gosh it’s so much fun making the different crust and stuff and anyway but but kind of that cooking that fancy cooking when I have time is something I like to do kind of a hobby so how about we just for fun we might have listeners who don’t have hobbies and are now thinking okay so maybe I might want one but what am I gonna do how about we just toss a few ideas out to them to get their you know get their juices flowing and get them thinking okay so I toss I’ll toss a couple out there our painting photography drawing sculpture those kind of things you toss one crochet or knitting cool candle making gardening roasting coffee coloring collections like rocks or stamps or poodles whatever writing is fart not is writing like a book because we’re not all gonna write a book but writing keeping a journal well we you know I did my first career and I started writing because it was fun I kind of fell in love with less Vic and started reading books about the craft and you know don’t rule out writing we might have folks out there don’t wanna give it a try oh yeah if you want to write a book write a book fixing things building things how about woodworking which kind of kind of thing how about flower arranging nice look at that but that you know yeah it’s a hobby Wow gardening gardening did you say gardening art I’ll show you another one how about building models I used to like to do that as a kid the cars you know or or even now they’ve got those Lego things those really cool models that I have not bought but they look fun they’re expensive they have little parts and they’re a pain in the ass just gonna throw that out there so on the cover they look fun but they really might not be unless your listener finds them fun exactly how about music cool listening to it or making it you know I think there’s a lost art especially with people our age who used to do mixtapes off of the radio oh yeah I mean that was a great hour to spend listening to the music that you do that one song you were just waiting for cuz you wanted it yeah times are different now aren’t they so making my sister does this kind of as a hobby that’s cool candle-making yeah yeah Theatre join a theater group or acquire something like that to perform oh that’s a good one book clubs find people you know who have an interest same interest as you do and start a book club that’s what we did we have a recovery book club yeah volunteering that’s something you could do for you and for someone else yes come to the world that’s a great one anything you can do to be of service to others is that’s a really good hobby you know I think so too that might be a good one to end um what do you think sounds good to me you’ve been listening to coffee break with KA and Dana meaningful conversations from a lesbian perspective brought to you by the lesbian talk show be sure to like us on facebook follow us on Twitter and visit our website until next week work hard be kind to one another and watch amazing things happen in your corner of the world [Music]