For A Moment’s Indiscretion by KA Moll

Hear the first chapter of the audiobook for For A Moment’s Indiscretion by KA Moll @ka_cade_writes narrated by Emily Beresford on this episode of Book Clips, the mini podcast where authors and narrators give you a taste of a book with a short snippet. 

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With 10 years of marriage under their belt, Zane and Jaina are coasting. The little things they used to do for one another have fallen by the wayside. They’ve gotten busy with life. They’ve forgotten to nurture their love and relationship. Even soul mates can stumble on hard times and have marital difficulties.

At 47, both are successful professionals. Jaina is an associate professor in a renowned school of social work. Zane is the pastor of a large congregation. They have two kids, one in juvenile detention, and the other anxious. When Zane joins the faculty of a seminary, in addition to her full-time job responsibilities, she’s short on time, and neglects Jaina.

Enter Amelia, a new faculty member in Jaina’s building. She’s new in town, young, and very pretty. She’s also not at all how she seems. Oh, and she’s very interested in Jaina. When an argument with Zane causes Jaina to storm out angry, she reaches out to Amelia. Of course, she seizes the opportunity. And for a moment of indiscretion, Jaina could lose everything.

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you were listening to book clips a mini podcast in which authors and erasers do readings from novels check out the show notes for the synopsis and by links for this book for a moment’s indiscretion written by KA Moll narrated by Emily Beresford the front door of the duplex swung open as she pulled into the driveway come in Emilia called out her shoulder-length brown curls were pulled back into a sexy ponytail she was feminine about Jana’s height and much shorter than Zane come on I’ll pour us a drink and you can tell me what’s going on Jana’s sucked in a breath as she exited her car Emilia smiled I didn’t expect to see you so soon she said adding what a wonderful surprise they had just spent several hours together the first in a campus health committee meeting and the rest in the bar I can’t stay long Jana said oh come on now Emilia countered you drove all the way across town you can stay long enough for us to talk she nodded toward the sofa in front of what appeared to be a recently built fire go on she urged softly sit down I’ll be back in a moment okay Jana said but only for a little while as her gaze fell to the flickering flames her mind traveled back to a time not so long ago same years to build the most beautiful crackling fires with her next breath came memories of their nights spent curled in one another’s arms sipping wine sharing dessert and making love she startled when amelia joined her sorry I didn’t mean to sneak up on you Amelia said she handed jana a white bowl glass with a slightly tapered top as she did jana noticed the crisscross linear scars on the inside of her left rest and wondered what had caused her to harm herself that’s okay Jana said I guess my mind was elsewhere she took a slow sip and smiled hmm butternut Chardonnay she purred my favorite during the holidays I know amelia giggled that’s why I bought it Jana didn’t remember ever telling her I enjoyed getting to spend extra time with you this evening Amelia said softly she settled in beside Gina on the sofa as she tucked one leg underneath her body she revealed that the silky robe was all she had on I hope you didn’t get a rough time when you got home Janice shivered as Amelia’s fingertips brushed her thigh some but not too much she responded I don’t know why I thought I needed to bother you at this hour we just had an argument that’s all her heart thumped wildly as she forced herself to add I need to go home Amelia scooted even closer you’re such a sweetheart she whispered your wife doesn’t appreciate what she’s got she does sometimes I shouldn’t have come Janice said when their eyes met next she took a long drink of wine I don’t know why I’m here she added I need to go home I think you do Amelia said softly as she brushed back a lock of Jana’s long blonde hair no jana said with a deep breath i need to go she said the words but her body made no movement toward the door Amelia leaned in you’re so tense she whispered her fingers began to massage the tight muscles and Jana’s shoulders I need to go home jana said more forcefully she trembled as Amelia’s warm breath caressed her neck and ears I can’t do this she said Amelia I’m married I know you are Amelia murmured as she untied her robe I can’t jana resisted once again she said the words but her body didn’t reposition nor move toward the door make love to me amelia whispered i know you want to she slipped the robe off her shoulders jana swallowed hard as her gaze fell to Amelia’s four breasts and silk below God help me I do she said but I can’t she consumed the remainder of her wine in one gulp but I need you to Amelia murmured she lifted her fingertip to trace her hardening nipple says Jaina licked her lips adding I have since the day we met I know Jaina said but it’s wrong her eyes lifted to Amelia’s you’re 33 I’m 14 years older than you are but more importantly she continued I have a wife at home who loves me but we’re attracted to each other Amelia countered as she pressed into her and your wife doesn’t love you the way you deserve to be loved for a moment’s indiscretion written by ka Maul narrated by Emily Beresford you have been listening to book clips