Female Knights in Shining Armor

Female Knights in Shining Armor 

The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast: Episode 15d 

Does your heart thrill to the clash of swords, the gleam of sunlight on a polished helm, and the snap of silken banners in the breeze at a tournament field? And then the helmet is removed by the victorious knight to reveal a fair face and a tumble of flowing locks and the crowd gasps to know a woman is champion? Well this podcast is for you.

In this episode we talk about

  • Joan of Arc and what wearing armor meant symbolically for her
  • The 12th century Spanish “Order of the Hatchet”, an order of woman knights
  • The gang of ladies who showed up at a 14th century tournament in England in men’s clothing
  • A 13th century German tale of women holding a tournament when their men were off at war
  • The French romance of Yde and Olive and how a woman knight won the hand of a king’s daughter in marriage
  • The Romance of Silence, which includes an exceedingly modern-sounding debate between personifications of Nature and Nurture for they loyalty of a girl raised as a boy
  • Amazon knights in Renaissance epic poems such as Orlando Furioso and The Faerie Queene, who attracted the love of fair ladies

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