Fanfic 101 with Mallory Lass

This episode of Les Do Books covers Fanfic 101 with Mallory Lass.

Have you been interested in checking out fanfic but have no idea what people are talking about when they say “OTP” or “fandom”? Mallory Lass, reviewer at The Lesbrary, joins Tara to give a primer on fanfic lexicon, shares her arguments for why lesfic readers will love fanfic, and gives examples of five rich fandoms.

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Check out Mallory’s fanfic recommendations

Please take note of the tags, ratings, and warnings. Most fics on ao3 are rated, and even a lot of the older fandom specific archives have ratings.


Kim Legaspi/Kerry Weaver

Fan Videos:

Part 1 (meet cute) | Part 2 (in the closet)

Fan Fiction:

Kaleidoscope (13 part series, to easily navigate change the number in the url from 1 to 2, and 2 to 3 and so on through 13 OR click return to ER Fiction at the end and find author Chris. Ratings for each chapter are listed here but it’s primarily PG-PG 13)

Sandy Lopez/Kerry Weaver

Show Clip:

Kerry asks Sandy out

Fan Videos:

It’s Alright

Fan Fiction:

Moments of a Life Just Ordinary (domestic fluff)

Law and Order: SVU (TV)

Olivia Benson/Alexandra Cabot

Fan Videos:


Fan Fiction:

Woodstock’s series (multiple med length fics)

Emma Cabot Series (Long fic 283K)

Carol (Book/Movie)

Carol Aird/Therese Belivet

Fan Videos:

Smoldering Attraction | Angst | Full Circle

Fan Fiction:

Built for Two (coda/post canon)

*Note: some good Agent Carter/Captain America Crossovers e.g. Playdates

Wonder Woman (Comic/Movie)

Peggy Carter/Diana

Fan Videos:


Fan Fiction:

A Crazy, Classic Life (5x fic)

Beyond Belief

Diana/Lois Lane

Fan Fiction:

Come and talk to me (shut me up) (5x fic

Antiope/Menalippe (bonus age-gap ship)

Fan Fiction:

Eusebia series (Part 1 leads right into the movie)

Sway (pure fluff)

Sarah Waters (Book/TV Mini Series)


Fan Fiction:

Words (linked podfic)

The Night Watch

Fan Fiction:

Ghosts from the Past (missing scene)


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