Interview with Jeannelle M. Ferreira

Interview with Jeannelle M. Ferreira

The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast – Episode 22b 

A series of interviews with authors of historically-based fiction featuring queer women.

In this episode we talk about

  • The attractions of the Regency romance
  • Jeannelle’s earlier works, especially a novel set in the Vilna ghetto during WWII
  • Jewish influences in her writing
  • Jeannelle’s background as a student of history
  • Sexuality and PTSD in the Regency era
  • The National Trust’s website on queer history in the UK
  • Finding queer-coded characters in childhood favorite books
  • Researching war in Waterloo diaries of British soldiers
  • The path through British historical YA fiction that leads to a study of imperial and colonial history
  • Horses and swords–it always comes back to horses and swords
  • Future projects: more about Nora and Harriet, gender-bending Kit Marlowe, World War I flying aces, and lesbian pirates

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