On the Shelf January 2018

On the Shelf January 2018

The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast – Episode 18a

Your monthly update on what the Lesbian Historic Motif Project has been doing.

In this episode we talk about

  • The call for submissions for the new audio short story segment. See here for details.
  • Recent and upcoming publications covered on the blog
  • The Lesbian Premodern
  • Announcing this month’s author guest, Kathleen Knowles
  • Ask Sappho: Nina, from The Lesbian Review facebook group, asks “Can anyone recommend older literature with subtle (or not so subtle) sapphic undertones? I just read Cousin Bette and really enjoyed the little lesbian romance going on between Valerie and Bette. Apparently the Victorian era had lots of these covert lesbian romance narratives, and I need more!”

Books Cited

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Decadent Novels

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Novels of Romantic Friendship

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