Death did not them Depart

Death did not them Depart

The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast – Episode 17d

 An examination of joint grave memorials for pairs of unrelated women that use the symbolism of marriage.

In this episode we talk about

  • Classical Greek sculptural monuments from 5th c. BCE Athens
  • A Classical Roman memorial in which two women are shown clasping right hands, in a gesture typically indicating marriage
  • The unusual joint memorial brass of Elizabeth Etchingham and Agnes Oxenbridge from the 15th century in East Sussex
  • The 17th century grave memorial of Mary Barber of Suffolk, which gave equal prominence to her husband and her beloved friend Ann Chitting.
  • The 18th century memorial of Mary Kendall in Westminster Cathedral commemorating her “close union and friendship” with Lady Catharine Jones and her wish that their ashes might lie together after deat.
  • The memorial dedication by Mary Pope for Katharine Bovey, commemorating their “near 40 years in perfect friendship”, and with additional information documenting their joint household for those 40 years and how Bovey was notorious for refusing marriage in favor of “the pleasues of friendship.”

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