Donning The Beard by EA Kafkalas

Hear a reading from Donning The Beard by EA Kafkalas @eakafkalas read by Katelyn Pekrul on this episode of Book Clips, the mini podcast that gives listeners a taste of a book.

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A gender-bending, historical romance.

In 1777, when Gabrielle’s mother dies in childbirth she is left to be raised by her father Lord Guillemot, a soldier in the King’s Army.

Orphaned Madeline is sent to live with her aunt Aimée, the lord’s housekeeper, and work for Lord Guillemot. She is assigned to care for the lord’s daughter, Gabrielle, and finds her best friend and the love of her life.

Gabrielle’s father discovers that she has taught Madeline to read and write, and tries to put an end to their friendship. They thwart his plans only to find that he has arranged a marriage for Gabrielle to Damien. Her fiancé proves to be a vile man, and unbeknownst to Gabrielle, Madeline poses as Alexandre, a new suitor. Alexandre challenges Damien to a duel of swords.

When Gabrielle discovers her new love’s true identity, the fall out sends them on a journey that takes them out of the rising French Revolution into a magical theatrical world in England. There, with the help of an actor and their father’s paramour –the grand dame of theatre– Mademoiselle Babcock, they think their dreams of have come true.

When Gabrielle’s father is rescued from imprisonment and makes his way back to England, will their dreams be dashed or will they finally get their happily ever after?

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you were listening to book clips a mini podcast in which authors and erasers do readings from novels check out the show notes for the synopsis and by links for this book donning the beard written by EA Kafkalas narrated by Katelyn Pekrul chapter 4 madeline picked up Lord commence porcelain figurines with care holding them firmly enough not to break them her aunt had taught her to make sure the porcelain shown when she was done a task sheet loathed before the appearance of master Simmons Gabrielle’s tutor was a tall thin man that reminded Madeline of the stick bugs they would find in the gardens even Gabrielle joked about his appearance after their first lesson Madeline saw beneath his goofy exterior however he was a gentle intelligent young man that truly cared about teaching Gabrielle every day he came with a new lesson and Madeline found any excuse to clean the parlour just to hear what he had to say she would sneak peeks over Gabrielle shoulder to view her work and she wondered why she could not sit with them and learn as well she confronted her aunt when they were alone in the kitchen preparing dinner auntie why can’t I learn with mr. miss Gabrielle got the idea that do something you’re not in your head now do you Emmie chuckled what use would you have for such nonsense Madeline knew it wasn’t nonsense but she also gathered from the tone of amis voice not to argue then why must mistress Gabrielle learn it it’s got to be more fun playing with Timothy and me trouble young ladies don’t have time for your games and that’s for learning she must know those things for when she Molly’s she will be the mistress of that house and those things will help her must she MA of course silly child what does what she do Madeline hadn’t considered any of this before she only knew her days were better when she was with Gabrielle what have happened to me she may take you with her or we may need to find her service elsewhere won’t be much need for you here when she’s gone that is unless some boy turns your head and you Molly as well I just play you’ll be happy I don’t have to get married do i oh you’re being silly boys may not interest you now but just you wait they will Madeline I knew that wasn’t true she didn’t like any of the options her aunt had laid out hopefully there would be more as time went on for now she would spend as much time as she could in the parlor looking busy so that she could hear every word Master Simmons said Gabrielle thought Madeline fancied her tutor that idea disturbed her but she couldn’t decide why whenever master Simmons arrived Madeline would find a place out of the way in the parlor and busy herself with dusting and polishing the room was beginning to shine making the rest of the house dull by comparison but Gabrielle knew Madeline watched them and she appeared Aang on every word that came from master Simmons his mouths Gabrielle wondered what could be so appealing about the lanky giant Madeline held out a dress for Gabrielle’s approval that morning Gabrielle looked up she never bothered to challenge what Madeline chose as it was always appropriate this would be perfect Thank You Madeline laid the dress on the bed Gabrielle watched her own button the delicate buttons do you not think master Simmons is quite done son Madeline chuckled not at all why do you ask no listen Madeline set the dress down do you like you he’s a very good tutor not that I have anything to compare it but do you think about him in other ways what other ways would there be as a respectful marriage perhaps marriage Gabrielle shrieks chances well you asked if I found him attractive because you’re always in the home when he comes to see me Gabrielle shouted I didn’t realize you’d be so bothered Madeline busied herself again with the buttons keeping her head down I’ll go somewhere else what he comes she choked are you going to apply no Madeline sniffed and wiped her eyes on her sleeve why are you so upset why are just so angry Gabrielle made sure to speak gently this time I was just trying to understand why you were always in the room I wish to hear what he has to say you find the subjects he discusses interesting do you not I confess I have not given it much thought I think about the things he says the rest of the day and the stories he leads you I wish I could see the books uses well I will show you the books I’d like that Gabrielle sat beside Madeline on the bed I did not mean to make you climb a tee she put her arms around Madeline you know you will my dearest friend and you mine Gabrielle felt Madeline relaxed in her arms so when you add FB me prepare for bed we can talk about what I learned that day I can lend you the books too but auntie says I do not need to learn then it would be that secret gabrielle kissed her friend’s cheek okay i’ll secret madeline agreed you have been listening to donning the beard written by EA Kafkalas narrated by Katelyn Pekrul you have been listening to book clips check out the show notes 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