Curves Welcome: How to Develop Self-Control

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How to Develop Self-Control

Do you struggle with self-control? Do habits always seem to win? Novelist and Motivational Blogger Suzie Carr shares ideas on how to increase self-control, especially when the struggle is real!

Practicing self-control isn’t particularly fun. It means you have to say no to something. It means you have to shut off a craving and act strong.

When it comes to having to say no to something that we really enjoy, it feels like punishment, right? We’re being blocked from pleasure, instantaneous pleasure.

Our mind might start to go into overdrive to justify why we should not listen to the voice of reason. Given the right environment, our mind is going to work really hard to make that list as long as it possibly can so we feel within our rights to indulge in what gives us a lift out of the daily grind of life with all its bills, chores, pressures, and drama.

We can view self-control as resistance to pleasurable temptation or empowerment over distraction.

It always comes down to our attitude and perspective, doesn’t it? How we look at the situation becomes a driving force in itself because that alone can determine our success or failure.

Join me in this podcast as I explore ways to increase your power and self-control.

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