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If the lights go out forever, can love survive?

When a group of women from different walks of life are brought together by fate during the end of the world as they know it, each must find a way to survive against the odds as well as learn to rely on each other.

Laura Kennedy finds herself without a home when part of the city of Astoria, Oregon burns after a solar storm causes a worldwide blackout. Left with few options, she resigns herself to living with her brother’s family and trying to get by while food and resources quickly diminish. As she begins to despair about the fate of the world, a handsome young stranger rides into her life and suddenly she finds herself attracted to a woman in a way she never expected … Sam.

Sam Quinn is a veterinarian student when the power goes out everywhere. Believing everything happens for a reason, she decides to ride Northwest on her horse to explore the rapidly changing landscape in hopes of finding a place where she belongs. Instead, she encounters nothing but fear and unrest, or at least until she has an accident, and wakes up to meet a woman who wants nothing to do with her, but who Sam can’t stop thinking about … Laura.

Taylor Barnes is an Army veteran who is happy to simply work on a farm outside of town, which she shares with her close friends. However, when the city of Astoria struggles to maintain order after the world goes dark, she suddenly finds herself thrust into a leadership role she never wanted. The only reason she agrees is so she can keep the world safe for the woman she loves … Jackie.

Jackie Scott, once a powerful CEO, had the world at her fingertips but is now adrift in a new reality without any of the modern conveniences she once relied on. Living on her sister’s farm near the small town of Astoria, the only stability she can rely on is the one person who she is slowly learning to trust and, if she is willing to listen to her heart, maybe even love … Taylor.

The end of the world is only the beginning.

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you were listening to book clips a mini podcast in which authors and erasers do readings from novels check out the show notes for the synopsis and by links for this book darkness remains sequel to darkness falls written by KC Luck narrated by Violet Dixon chapter 1 the smells of hay horses and leather were some of Sam Quinn’s favorite sense in the world she felt at home as she walked into the Oregon State University’s horse Center some of the majestic animals were already missing from their stalls and she wondered how many of her veterinary studies peers had the same idea she did it was time to get out of Corvallis and horseback who was a smart way to travel following a super solar storm the power had been off for a week although all normal channels were out a friend in the communications department confirmed a few transmissions had been received over the university’s shortwave radio network the news was grim a planet-wide blackout with no end in sight had set the world back a hundred years all modern conveniences that relied on electricity were rendered useless societal collapse was already in motion particularly in the larger cities for Sam this meant it was an excellent time to bug out and with vehicles quickly becoming useless without access to fuel she planned to go by horse luckily she had one available or at least she’s sort of did Lester a ten-year old quarter horse was actually owned by the University however he had been assigned to her when she was a freshman as part of her vet studies now four years later the beast was her best friend there was no way she was leaving him behind Sam turned down the Rose stalls where Lester spent his time when she was not working with him and saw his sizeable brown head poking out over the gate if she didn’t know better she would say he had been waiting for her to show up Sam grinned as Lester tossed his head with a nikkor of hello good to see you too buddy Sam said reaching him and running a loving hand down his cheek ready for a little adventure Lester nuzzled her neck in response and she chuckled I figured as much just as she began to open the door to his stall she heard footsteps on the concrete floor behind her below Samantha said a man’s voice Sam turned to see Ben Wilson the bar manager walking toward her even though he was a good man and Sam had great respect for him he was the last person she wanted to see her mouth went dry as she considered her options hello mr. Wilson she said waiting to hear what else he had to say considering she had a full backpack on her shoulders and a 22 rifle at her side there was no sense in trying to explain the obvious he came to stand beside her when Lester turned to him the man touched the horse with affection taking Lester out for some exercise he said not looking at Sam Sam swallowed yes sir she said softly the two of them stood quietly for a minute while mr. Wilson stroked Lester’s muzzle finally he turned to her she saw a look of sadness in his eyes good said he needs the attention just be careful okay he said Sam nodded she could feel the waves of resignation coming off of a man everything okay mr. Wilson she asked I mean under the circumstances the man let his eyes drift to the floor rubbing the toe of his boot and a faint spot of dirt before letting out a long sigh my wife is diabetic since she was a baby he said softly Sam felt her stomach sink without power the insulin he shrunked and Sam to not know what to say there will be a lot of this in the days ahead she thought as medications run out all the more reason to stay clear of people as if reading her thoughts mr. Wilson lifted his eyes and looked hard into hers which direction are you going he asked west first Sam answered the North of the coast into Canada probably I have family in Alaska mr. Wilson raised his eyebrows that’s quite a distance he said Sam nodded it is but I’m in no rush she said and it was true Sam was 26 at no posessions but what was in her backpack she had no agenda and no real destination as if satisfied with her answer mr. Wilson looked away again and stared at the floor the silence grew long and finally Sam cleared her throat well sir I think I’ll get Lester saddled up and head out the statement seemed to snap mr. Wilson back to the present and he blinked right he said of course he clapped a hand on Sam’s shoulder B Saye he said and walked away Sam watched him leave for a moment and then turned to Lester to get busy it was time to go taking in the sight of the dozens of fire damaged buildings Taylor Barnes drove a Honda Pilot through the ruined neighborhood when the city’s hospital caught fire and then exploded as the flames found the oxygen tanks the fire had spread into the nearby community only a heavy Oregon rain shower had stopped the disaster from wiping out the entire city now however the 20 blocks impacted look similar to war zones which Taylor had seen when she was a military police officer in the Army I had no idea Jackie Scott breathe from beside her in the passenger seat instinctively Taylor took the beautiful woman’s hand squeezing it gently are you sure you still want to help with this she asked Anna will be over at the high school working with patients they always need volunteers there Jackie shook her head no she said I want to be here to help Andre and Ramona Taylor glanced over at Jackie and smiled she knew the woman she loved was well out of her comfort zone after a career of kicking ass in boardrooms for a prominent designer magazine in Seattle the idea but she was about to sift through the ashes of ruined buildings to help her new friends was admirable they appreciate it Taylor said stopping behind the truck pulling over in front of her she watched Jackie’s sister Lexi Scott climb out of the driver’s side while her friend Andre slid out of the other turning off the engine Taylor looked at Jackie you’re gonna get dirty she said with a playful smile Jackie rolled her eyes I can handle it she said starting to pull her hand away from Taylor’s Taylor held tight you’ll need a shower afterward she said her voice intentionally husky now Jackie tilted her hand as she took in Taylor’s look what are you suggesting she asked letting her eyes turn sultry Taylor felt a bloom of heat start low in her belly damn this woman is trouble she thought even though they slept wrapped in each other’s arms every night she had yet to make love to her but I’ll wait as long as it takes no doubt sing Taylor’s hungry look Jackie blushed and then successfully pulled her hand away as she opened the car door you’re only making this harder on yourself Taylor Barnes she said and got out Taylor sighed as she opened her own door the woman was right but in her heart she would not change it for the world Lora Kennedy walked down the sidewalk and tried to keep from crying why does she have to be so awful Laura thought as she remembered her sister-in-laws harsh words over their meager breakfast of oatmeal that morning it’s not like I want to live there still the other woman all but accused Laura of taking the food out of her children’s mounds the problem was Laura had no other choice but to stay with them when the hospital fire ravished her neighborhood the old bungalow she lovingly brought back to life and furnished with her mother’s antiques burned almost everything Laura owned was consumed by the flames all she had been able to do was stand back and watch no fire man had come and the bucket brigade which formed as heroic as they were was only able to do so much only the rain kept the entire lot from turning into nothing but ash but close to it she thought turning the corner and wandering to where her house had once stood she stopped and looked at the few remaining blackened walls the roof had collapsed most of the building had fallen in word no doubt making the site hazardous but Lord did not care she had been waiting for the rain to stop so she could come and sort through whatever was left finally today the Sun was out nothing would prevent her from searching now looking around she saw a lot of families had the same idea cars and trucks lined the block grim faced people moved with shovels and crowbars through the ruined structures tears threatened again as she watched the despair on so many faces knowing hers looked the same she brushed a long blond lock of hair out of her face while focusing on the task at hand seeing the front door was gone Laurel walked around the side of the house she found an opening where a wall used to be and she stopped to look into the living room black mud covered the once polished wood floors and only one corner for prized wool rugs shone through suddenly Laura just wanted to turn around and leave doing the tasks alone would be too hard and being a loner by Nature she had no one to ask for help it’s hopeless she thought and sank down on her knees she didn’t care that the ash was staining the two big jeans she borrowed from her sister-in-law she covered her face with her hands letting the tears come at last for a week she had stayed strong first the power went out then her home burned and she had to move in with her brother’s horrible family but now this overwhelming and possibly useless task was too much bear the sobs came hard and shook her body it was all she could do to not just lay down in a ball in the mud and die Laura a woman’s voice said from beside her and then she felt a gentle hand on her shoulder are you all right Laura almost laughed the question was so ludicrous of course she was not alright she was kneeling in the mud while crying her heart out and wishing she was dead still she took her hands away and looked to see who was beside her a woman had knelt down in the ashes with her the Sun was behind the woman so her face was in shadow Laura could not see her expression but the voice was so gentle and kind Laura wanted to hug her it is Laura right the woman asked clearly uncertain of her name Laura Kennedy Laura nodded not sure she could trust her voice suddenly the Sun went behind a cloud and the woman’s face came into focus Laura’s breath caught oh my god she thought I can’t believe she even knows my name Laura was looking into the stunning face of the person who was once the most popular girl in high school until Laura always wished she could be she was looking at Jackie Scott darkness remains sequel to darkness falls written by KC luck narrated by violent Dixon you have been listening to book clips check out the show notes for the synopsis and by links for this book if you are interested in showcasing your novel then check out the show notes for more information