How to Stop Comparing Yourself

How to Stop Comparing Yourself

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Novelist and motivational blogger Suzie Carr reflects on how we compare ourselves to others, and the damage this causes us.

 I listened to a podcast by Brendan Burchard the other day and he said something that completely resonated. “When we compare, we stop performing our best because we are following instead of doing our own thing.”

I do believe that comparisons can be helpful if you do so with the intention to grow and learn from them.

But most of us, when we compare, we are often doing so from a viewpoint of lack and if I’m being honest, envy. Of course, this doesn’t serve us. We know it’s a dangerous game to compare ourselves because it brings about feelings of inadequacy and can seriously stunt our growth. Yet, many of us still do it.

Tune in to find out why we do this and how we can stop through a simple change in perspective.

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