Curves Welcome: The Pursuit Of Greatness

The Pursuit of Greatness

Novelist and Motivational Blogger Suzie Carr talks about a time when she found herself on the wrong path and how she found her way back to one better suited.

We all want to live a life of greatness. Sometimes we get lost on our journey to find it. We force ourselves into a life we never saw coming. We follow the paths of others because we’re programmed to follow success. We see others succeeding, and we think we will too if we travel down that same path. We in essence ignore what we love to do for the sake of pleasing others. To focus on pleasing others typically means we’ve placed what’s important to us on the back burner.

I was once that person. Others around me rose and were being respected for their work. I faded into the backdrop of their success. I’m embarrassed to admit this. Yet, I feel this admission is an important step in my growth. Looking back on mistakes is a great way to not make them again. Additionally, analyzing why we do the things we do can help us push past obstacles that darken our path.

Tune in to learn how to get on a path that ignites your soul.

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