How to Improve Focus

How to Improve Focus

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Novelist and motivational blogger Suzie Carr takes a look at priorities and how they play a crucial part in our life journey.

Focusing too intently on activities that aren’t related to your priorities will only cause you to move further away from it. That’s obvious, but incredibly many of us tend to forget this important fact as we go about our daily life. We are lured into the temptation of eating the wrong foods, selecting TV over exercise, procrastinating about getting our blog or books written or studying that course on finance we may have deemed as a priority. We see this neglect all the time with people who want to be active, yet they dedicate themselves to clearing out their DVD recordings by watching marathon episodes the whole day.

I’ve been there. I’ve opted to watch hours upon hours of recordings of American Idol year after year while I had big projects waiting on me to get started. Watching a star be born on American television will not help me generate revenue and put food on my table. My word count for the day will not build itself. I am not going to meet new readers or score interview opportunities if I’m parked passively in front of the television watching someone else give birth to her dream.

We’ve got this one shot at life, friends. One shot to make the most out of an incredible gift. Don’t let the distractions take you away from experiencing the satisfaction of living a life of purpose, rich with those things that open your heart and put a smile on your face.

Tune in to learn how to focus on what’s really important in your life.


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