Curves Welcome: How to Benefit from Criticism

How to Benefit from Criticism

Curves Welcome

Novelist and motivational blogger Suzie Carr reflects back on a critical review that changed her life.

What do you do when someone criticizes you? Do you let it stop you? Or do you use that criticism to your advantage and as a tool for growth? Yeah, that’s hard to do. To look at criticism as a tool for growth. When someone slings hurt your way, the first reaction you want to take is to sling it right back, right? The ego gets involved and says, how dare you treat me this way? How dare you insult me?

But, what if you took a different approach? What if instead of slinging it back in an attempt to protect yourself from hurt, you put it aside for a while until your emotions cooled? Then, when they’re nice and cool you approach it again through a new lens, a lens of objectivity, a lens of discovery.

You’re probably thinking, hey wait a minute, this person just ripped me into a million pieces, and publicly no less, and you want me to discover something through a lens of objectivity? What are you nuts?

I guess maybe I am a little nuts. Hahaha

Tune in to find out just how nuts I can be with this…

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