How to Be Attentive to the Present Moment

How to Be Attentive to the Present Moment

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Novelist and motivational blogger Suzie Carr talks about one of the greatest life lessons she learned from her dogs, how to be more mindful in this chaotic world.

The greatest lessons I’ve learned in life have been through my dogs. Dogs are natural leaders, healers, and friends. Without words, without judgment, without criticism, and instead with a simple look, they know exactly how to communicate the important things in life.

One of the greatest life lessons I learned that I learned from my dogs is indulging in the present moment, or in other words, being mindful.

Dogs understand how to live in the present moment. They know how to dig in and really grasp the here and now. If we can learn how to be more mindful, we can learn how to live a better life. How to stay calm, centered and attentive to the present moment.

What do mindful people do on a daily basis to make the most out of life? Tune in the find out!

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