Curves Welcome: The Art Of Saying No

Curves Welcome 

The Art of Saying No 

Novelist and Motivational Blogger Suzie Carr shares her thoughts on the art of saying no to trivial requests that take you from your own work, family and health.

It’s no surprise that the more you say yes to other people’s priorities, the less you say yes to your own. The result, also not surprising, is a massive debt in the pursuit of your dreams. What you deem important and essential falls to the wayside, and you begin to starve your needs in order to feed someone else’s. You can’t fill your plate past capacity and expect nothing to fall off.

As a society, we’re programmed to be helpful, contributing whenever possible to the greater good. We’re told we’re less selfish when we put others before ourselves. But, in taking a closer look, when you put others before yourself, you’re telling the world that your dreams come secondary.

When you fail to light the fire under your dreams, you fail to share gifts that could help lift and inspire others.

You have to believe that your work matters. You’ve been given a set of gifts, skills, and talents, and you should fully embrace them by nurturing them. Sometimes this means having to say the dreaded word – no!

If you don’t learn to say no, you’re letting others uproot your chance of molding your gifts into something magical.

So how do you begin saying no?

Join Suzie as she discusses how to say no gently.

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