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Complex Dimensions by Brenda MurphySynopsis for Complex Dimensions by Brenda Murphy

Sick of living in her parent’s basement and encountering her ex-girlfriend on a regular basis, former graduate student Veronica Fletcher signs on to manage the stable for Rowan House, Skye’s exclusive brothel for women. After arriving at Rowan House Veronica’s vow to remain celibate is tested when she meets Millie Reid. 

Sexy, sweet, and funny Millie is the woman of Veronica’s dreams.  Or is she? When Millie’s past threatens their future together, Veronica is faced with a choice she doesn’t want to make. The butterfly effect has never been more personal. 

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hello this is Brenda Murphy and today I’ll be doing a reading from my novel complex dimensions Veronica stood at the rail to watch the gulls dip and dive as they followed the wake of the ferry as it made its way from LA to armadyl the wind was chill in the Sun bright is the approach sky eyes gritty from her overnight flight she stretched and fought a yawn annoyed even with her first-class seat she’d been unable to sleep on her flight she had spent the trip by private car domalix staring out the window fascinated by her first views of Scotland Veronica tucked her hand in her jacket pocket and fingered the smooth stone she had picked up from her parents driveway before she left her father had kept it together until he dropped her off on the sidewalk outside the Richmond Airport she could still smell the lingering scent of his aftershave from his bone-crushing hug goodbye after patting his back and assuring him she would call when she arrived she had wiped away the bit of wetness on her cheek where his tears had fallen shouldered her bag and watched him drive off she ond unable to shake her weariness as the ferry slowed to dock a throw of excitement buzzed around the base of her brain I can be Veronica again not poor Ronnie who got busted and sent to jail or Ron the math freak a fresh start without my bitch aunt looking down her nose and giving my folks hell about me she scrubbed her hand over her head still getting used to the feel of her low-cut a last-minute decision a radical departure from her usual style the flirty glances she’d received from several women on the flight to let her know it was a good look for her Veronica scanned the crowd as the ferry docked several men and drivers livery held up signs with individual names and one or two with names of what must be hotels in the island she frowned when she didn’t see her name the crowd thinned out she stood alone in the dock the stone in her pocket was smooth under her fingers as she fidgeted with it maybe they forgot me maybe I screwed up the directions her pulse pounded in her ears she drugged out of her heavy backpack and dug into the front pocket for the letter with her instructions on it she focused on her breathing as she worked to stem her rising anger and panic her hands trembled as she took her phone from her pocket ready to call the number she’d been given if she had any problems during her trip miss Fletcher Veronica Fletcher a deep voice sounded behind her and she bobbled her phone managing to catch it before it hit the asphalt yes the owner of the voice was tall a driving cap set at a jaunty angle shaded her face her dark blue uniform was crisp please I haven’t done fuck-all and the police are here a cop with a driving cap what the hell I’m Veronica she hated the tremble in her voice sorry to startle you I apologize for being late I had a bit of trouble on the way the woman’s eyes were dark brown with gold flecks her gaze was intense framed by her auburn brows new from rowan house Veronica’s panic subsided it’s a chauffeurs uniform she’s not a cop I’m safe I the driver pulled off her cap newly read heard buzz cut hair a soft Auburn red shot through with grace shone in the sunlight a broad ruddy face pulled into a wide smile Milly extended her freckled Hannah Veronica shook her grip was a strong and a solid as Milly appeared here our new stable manager she swept her gaze over Veronica’s body before she looked back into her eyes she tilted her head to the side you’re even more attractive than your photos I like the low-cut although your locks were fetching Veronica flushed the heat rise need the tips of her ears she pulled her hand for Millie’s grip it was time for a change I’m pretty sure the horses won’t care what I look like Milly laughed true about the horses but everyone at the house is appreciative of gorgeous scenery she picked up Veronica’s large backpack and shouldered it gorgeous after a rat eye with no sleep I hope she can see well enough to drive his face burned she reached out to reclaim her backpack um thank you I can carry my bag Lilly wave Veronica off I make it a point to handle all luggage for new arrivals do you have any other bags she glanced around I raised her eyebrows this is it yes Veronica pressed her lips together say something make it clear I don’t think it matters what I look like I’m here to work as the stable manager not a war lily settled her cap back in her head the light gone out of her eyes her jaw clenched oh why did I say that Veronica reverted her eyes I’m willing to meet Millie’s thunderous glare I’m an idiot she processed my paper she knows Millie blew out her breath before she spoke I understand what you were hired for wasn’t trying to offend you she turned her back to Veronica this way she walked away from Veronica never looking back to see if she followed Veronica stuffed her hands and her jacket pockets and gazed up at the sky great I pissed her off great way to start my new job I need to chill apologize she raised her shoulders and let them fall before she hurried to catch up to Millie’s long strides even through the haze or exhaustion she admired Millie’s easy walk her hips were narrow her gait athletic the movements of someone confident in their power and ability Millie walked across the car park to word a black Town Car Veronica quickened her pace she had already stowed Veronica’s backpack in the trunk by the time Veronica arrived at the car Millie opened the back door of the car and stood at the side her face a cool mask damn they sent a limo for me we must be picking up other guests I could right up front you know if there are others to pick up Millie’s face maintained her neutral expression her voice even nope we’re not picking up anyone else right in the back I’m sure you’re tired after your trip she pointed to the door pocket and bottle of water there’s water for you coffee and snacks in the basket do you need to use the facilities before we leave it’s a long ride of the house and once we leave armadale there’s not many play is to stop along the way Veronica avoided making eye contact with Mele no I’ll be okay she slid onto the polished black leather seats Lily closed the door Veronica braced herself expecting a harsh door slam after her thoughtless comment Lilly shut it gently with barely an audible click I am an ass a total ass Lilly entered the car started the engine and raised the partition between the front seat and the cavernous rear of the limousine Veronica scooted her hips back under the wide leather seat a wicker picnic baskets that on the floor of the car she picked it up and settled it on the seat beside her her mouth watered as the tangy scent of citrus filled the air when she opened the wicker lid to muffins and a thermos were nestled together with a white mug in the basket she opened the thermos and the aroma of coffee made her giddy she filled the white cup as high as she dared in the moving car she took a sip they know I take my coffee black damn steadying the coffee cup on her thigh she picked up one of the muffins and took a bite the sharp sweet taste of citrus and chocolate exploded across her palate and she moaned softly around the delicate morsel Veronica finished the muffin in three bites and started on the second thoughtful and delicious and what the hell is wrong with me I said that the coffee was a perfect balance to the sweet orange and the chocolate notes of the muffin she pulled her pen and journal from her inside jacket pocket and made a few notes about her trip the ferry ride and her arrival she wrote down Millie’s name and underlined it old school butch crew-cut the only thing missing was a ring of keys built those shoulders her face flushed again when she remembered how Milly had looked at her her bright cocky smile and the sincere tone of her voice when she complimented her came back to her full force Veronica shifted in the seat pressing her thighs together as the tendril of desire curled in her belly work I’m here to work nothing else not that she’d want me probably likes dainty Femmes not ex-cons with no hair sleeping out she had eaten she replaced the cup into the basket with the coffee thermos before she set the basket back on the floor of the car she stretched out on the seat and used her jacket for a pillow the rocking of the car soothed her and she flipped to a new page in her journal this has been Brenda Murphy reading from complex dimensions you have been listening to book clips check out the show notes for the synopsis and by links for this book if you are interested in showcasing your novel then check out the show notes for more information [Music]