Come To Me by Chris Paynter

Come To Me by Chris Paynter narrated by Ann Etter

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In this episode we hear a reading from Come To Me by Chris Paynter


Author Angie Cantinnini’s agent convinces her she must use a pseudonym if she hopes to land a contract with a mainstream publishing company-especially since the protagonist of Angie’s novels is a hard-boiled male detective.

Neither Angie nor her agent anticipates the raging success of the series of books or the mountain of wealth that accompanies each new release. As a best-selling author, Angie should be delighted with her Bohemian life in Key West, but happiness is elusive because it’s her alter-ego, Zach England, who’s receiving the accolades, while Angie is relegated to anonymity.

Meryl McClain, the recently hired book review editor at the prestigious New York Banner, wants to make a strong first impression with her readers, so she picks Zach England’s latest novel for her debut review. She offers a scathing critique, unaware the real author behind the pseudonym is her long lost true love, Angie. Heartrending choices separated the lovers eleven years earlier.

Seeing Meryl’s review overwhelms Angie with feelings she thought she’d laid to rest years ago. This stroke of Fate beckons them to reunite, but Angie’s secret identity and Meryl’s struggle with a childhood trauma conspire to keep them apart.

Torn from a shared moment in their past, the words Come Back to Me have haunted the two women for more than a decade. Is it too late for Angie and Meryl to choose love again?

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