Combating Seasonal and Holiday Depression

Dana and KA chat about Combating Seasonal and Holiday Depression on this episode of  Coffee Break With KA & Dana: Meaningful Conversations From A Lesbian Perspective

The holiday season can be difficult for anyone suffering from depression, but it can be especially difficult for many in the LGBT community, a community at higher risk for depression and suicide than the general population.

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In this episode, KA and Dana discuss the topic of depression including:

  • symptoms and treatment
  • why it’s worse during certain seasons and around the holidays
  • strategies to feel better

About the hosts

KA is an author of lesbian fiction with degrees in counseling, psychology, and social work. She writes stories about lesbians, burdened by past trauma, who find healing in the love of a soul mate.

Dana is an avid reader, a recovering alcoholic, a fisher-woman, and a graduate of the school of hard knocks.

As co-hosts, they’re quite the duo. Connect with them online

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