Book Titles And Publishing Wide

This episode of For Love & Money focuses on Book Titles And Publishing Wide.
Rae D Magdon interviews author Arizona Tape. They discuss:
  • Arizona Tape’s upcoming promotions
  • how she titles her works
  • and the benefits of publishing wide
  • Coming up with creative titles
  • Bookbub
  • Facebook
  • Amazon

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[Music] hello everyone and welcome to The Lesbian Talk Show’s For Love & Money, I’m your host Rae D Magdon and today we have a very exciting guest to Arizona Tape thank you so much for agreeing to be on the show with us today hello everyone it’s lovely to be here we met on Facebook and had a bit of an email correspondence about some of the stuff we wanted to talk about but as I was doing a little bit of a little bit of google snooping prior to our interview uh mm-hmm one of the things I noticed was your books have such interesting titles oh thank you I was hoping you could talk about how you come up with titles for your work and how that helps your sales and your advertising hmm okay to be perfectly honest usually I come up with an idea to a story and I give it a working title like just something random what it’s really about for instance the love milk is it started from the idea of what is if you had a pill that could great love and the title just stuck and usually if it’s not obvious like that I try to build my story so that in the end the title comes back or it becomes clear what it really meant all along and it’s been working out for me I usually also do some little stalking if somebody else has the same title but most of the time it’s not so yeah the one that really stuck out to me besides the love pill which definitely did was your own a human yes like that’s such a great title and I have such trouble with titles so like you’re a little bit inspiration to me and like I just pulled them up to look and see if I forgot any and merry Christmas is great yes it’s so clever yeah I like puns and I like things that are both very clear what they are about but on the same time a bit bizarre maybe could you talk a little bit about what your own human is about just for the curiosity of my listeners um so your own human is the second book to my own human and they are about a dystopian world where there are only vampires and the main character Adriana meets surprise a human which is completely rare and they’re supposed to be extinct and it’s really a bit of a dance between how do I treat this human how different are they from us what is going on with them why are they gone because she’s very interested and so the first book is all about the vampire stuff and then a yeren human it’s all about a human part of it and so those two kind of fall in love in that journey which they’re not supposed to but they do and I I don’t know I thought the title just for me was super obvious because Heather them second main character she was always Adriana’s human and that’s what I originally thought the title reference to but them because of the plot twists it turns out to be something a little different but I’m not gonna spoil that that’s fascinating I love the idea because in media vampires are always portrayed it’s like these mysterious rare your feelings and in this case like they’re the they’re the primary life form on earth and then the human is the rare mysterious beings ugly that’s really that’s really great okay so do you think your titles have an impact on your sales have you noticed that the title itself can generate interest among readers who might not be familiar with you hmm that’s a good question I mean titles are everything and I feel that in some genres it’s quite expected to follow a certain pattern of titles and I think that’s really great because it tells the readers very clearly what they can expect but I think at the same time it makes a title sometimes very easily forgettable or for people to be confused with other similar titles like there are only so many words spellcaster or for like sword or something so there are all just variations on the same theme and it’s hard for readers to remember I think then when it comes to my titles because I think that’s so different and sometimes maybe not what you’d expect perfect title to be it sticks a little bit but I’m just going to keep using my titles in the way that I like well it certainly got me interested so aside from the title when you have a new release what is the first thing you do to start promoting it like you’ve just put a book out what are the things on your checklist to make sure the word gets out posting in my facebook reader group to let them know that a book has come out I usually have a newsletter scheduled to my subscribers to give them a nudge that they can start purchasing the book apart from that I sum depending on the promotions that are available at the time I’ll have booked some of the promotions on either the genre or the FF websites that I know so that they also send out newsletters to their readers and making graphics to post in the appropriate groups on Facebook – before we sat down for this talk we were discussing bookbub a little bit and how you have a boost bookbub promotions in the past and you’re gonna use one coming up could you tell us a little bit about your experience with bookbub and how it went and whether you think it was effective and yeah how did make a good book bub um so far my experience with book both has been very good I found it very I found it I find it very nice that they have an LGBTQ category which means that I feel safe promoting my LGBT books to the readers like I don’t know what John is they’re like if they want something romantic or something more fantasy but I do know that if I send it out to those people that I won’t get any like flash back from going oh my god your main character is gay and I did not care for that like I really want to avoid that and in the same time I like reaching people that are looking for more LGBT books because there aren’t that many out there and so far what I’ve reached with them has been very helpful the last bubble that I had was in $0.99 one so I discounted my own human from $4.99 to $0.99 they send it out to all then subscribers I really got quite a lot of quite a lot of sales I certainly make the money bag that I spend in the first place so that is always I think assigned a promotion website is doing their job so you have a book bub coming up in the near future what book are you using this time this time I’ll be promoting the love bill which is also going to be discounted from $4.99 to $0.99 is going to be sent out to everyone so everyone in America everyone on Canada I believe trailing and India I don’t really know what that what their countries are but is going to be discounted I think you got it yeah and because I’m wide it’s going to be free on Amazon on Kobol iTunes everywhere you’re listening to the lesbian talk-show the lesbian talk show calm you have a podcast information so let’s talk about your decision to publish why because this is like a different strategy that authors go different ways on whether to go wide or to put all your eggs at the Amazon basket what appeals to you about going wide on the other stores like Kobo and Smashwords and those other websites yeah I think from what I’ve seen personally because there is rather small amount of LGBT books out there readers are more likely to want to buy something certainly with this is there something they like and because not everyone can always buy on Amazon or can what can or want to be in Kindle unlimited I feel like offering them the choice to have it on available on different retailers is it’s just something that I think helps not just me reach different people and more people but also be available for them I want them to read my books I want to find them and I want to make it easy for them to read the stories that I’m writing that’s excellent I I mean I have a lot of respect for authors who do everything in the Amazon basket and they’re very good at what they do but for me personally I’ve found success and publishing wide so making books more accessible to more people like helps in a genre like let’s say yes agreed um I started out in kayuu and I didn’t do badly on the contrary well actually really good but for me personally I just I didn’t like have it well putting all my eggs in one basket because the market is so fluctuating all the time something can just change in the blink of an eye something can happen and then you just do is just set back completely because you are just publishing on one retailer so for me it’s also a sense of security to know that if something happens somewhere I still have all the other retailers out there that will still sell my book that I’ll still be able to reach my readers and keep publishing in my stories so a lot of your books that have been published are connected to one another they’re set in the same universe or they’re direct sequels do you think that interconnecting your work that way is a way to get people more invested in you as an author and trying more of your work has it been a successful promotional tool to write that way um it has for me it’s one of the things that I learned from one of my very good friends Laura Greenwood she ham is amazing at interconnecting her series and further from what I’ve found is people usually don’t really mind who the side characters are whether those are people that I but will appear in other books or not usually it doesn’t really matter unless they really like them unless I really like my writing style unless they this particular character just tweaks that interest and so I’ve been building around the concept that if somebody’s even appears in my books maybe they are that they’re interesting enough to have their own stories I mean everyone has their own story even if they’re just a side character and sometimes I just fall down the rabbit hole and write a book for them I’ve never thought of it that way like it doesn’t bother the people who aren’t that invested but for the people who are really invested it’s like a wonderful treat for that hat it’s like an easter egg it’s like a cameo and if they want to read more they don’t have to start with a stranger they’ll just be like oh hey I know this person I’ve already seen them somewhere else so what are you working on right now what’s coming down the pipeline for you okay so right now I am working on a couple of different projects but the next one that is going to increment empery series based on my student years while I was part of an LGBT student Club and did some mm-hmm I would have said while things but maybe had adventures that relate that other LGBT arenas could relate to or maybe look forward to or even just for people that aren’t very familiar with with the rainbow community of and it’s going to be cold probably not today it’s friends of friends with benefits to love a story between Harper and Nix who happened to meet in a student club and they’re just trying to to give some sense through a confusing relationship to define what they’re doing who they are to each other what they want from life they’re both coming out of bad relationships so it’s very they’re very careful they’re very much finding the line between friendship and a relationship which is always a little blurred when or into someone of the same sex that is extraordinarily true those lines can very often be blurred I think that makes it very relatable and I’ll be honest I love friends-with-benefits to learn as a trope yes I actually I did a whole episode of tropes with Hildred Billings that was great yes and I have two that inspired me to ask off-the-cuff what is your favorite trope to write now you’re putting me on the spot yes so hard mmm I have a little thing for unrequited love like oh love that isn’t immediately like I do love insta-love and I love soulmates but I like when there’s a bit of struggle when one of them is resistant to the other person or the ID or just either the idea of the relationship or the idea of a relationship I just I like a little bit of yes no yes no such nice tensions and and the yearning and the anticipation and you can’t I think the readers appreciate it too so you’re not alone you’re not alone okay well thank you so very much for agreeing to be on the show this was a great conversation it was it was really fun I was I was really pleased to sit down to talk to you and I feel like I am inspired to add more Easter eggs and my own stories and to come up with better titles because oh it’s so hard all right you can always ask for help they might take you up on that you should thank you so much thank you you’ve been listening to the lesbian talk shows for love and money with Rae D magdon where we interviewed Arizona Tape about her amazing work there will be links in the show notes so you can check out her work for yourself if you like this podcast please check out the lesbian talk shows Facebook group where you can continue the conversation with other fans also you should look at our patreon page where you can support the lesbian talk shows endeavors thank you so much and we’ll see you in two weeks you [Music]