Book Clips: Rescued by Adan Ramie

Rescued by Adan Ramie

Rescued by Adan RamieSynopsis 

Chuck and her sister, Brenda, have always been passionate about animals. That’s why Brenda became a veterinarian, and why they started the only animal shelter their small town knew.

Old, malnourished, and abused, Stanley the Yorkie had a hard life, and the first time Chuck laid eyes on him, she knew she would do anything to save him — even if the odds weren’t in his favor and Chuck’s ex – the one holding most of the cards when it comes to the shelter – is against it.

When Chuck meets Stella, the beautiful professional who brought Stanley to them to be saved, the two hatch a plan to save him. Every day they spend together, the two women grow closer, but there’s a snake in their midst that wants nothing more than to keep them apart.

This is the first in an upcoming lesbian romance series called Paws in Peril. Each of the short, sweet books will deal with love between two women – and their love of the cute, furry creatures who need their help.

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