Book Clips: Love Forever, Live Forever by Annette Mori

Love Forever, Live Forever by Annette Mori 

Love Forever, Live Forever by Annette MoriSynopsis 

No one forgets their first love. For Nicky, that’s Sara, who abruptly disappears one day, leaving only a cryptic letter. That day scarred her soul. When the pain starts to diminish, Nicky begins to get her life back on track until it is derailed once again by an unimaginable twist.

Changed forever, Nicky becomes a careless, womanizing nomad known as the Little Wild One, until she meets Annie. Thirteen years later, Nicky’s finally settled and happy. Fate intervenes and puts her directly back into the path of her first love, Sara, and the corresponding events send her into a tailspin. Now she must decide—who will be the person she ends up living with and loving forever?

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