Fenced-In Fleix by Cheyenne Blue

Hear a reading from Fenced-In Felix by Cheyenne Blue @Iamcheyenneblue on this episode of Book Clips, the mini podcast that gives listeners a taste of a book.

Listen to the reading here


Felix falls hard for a cute drifter whose horse she’s boarding in this slow-burn, small-town, lesbian romance. But is the woman, or her horse, what they seem?

Felix Jameson is working hard to get her outback hospitality business off the ground. Her work doesn’t leave much time for distractions—and that includes romance.

But when she meets Josie, a drifter who asks Felix to board her horse, Flame, Felix is delighted. Not only can she use the extra money, but it means she will see a lot more of the intriguing Josie.

But there’s something suspicious about Flameꟷshe bears an uncanny resemblance to a valuable stolen racehorse. As Felix falls hard for Josie, it’s hard not to wonder whether the mysterious woman is all she seems.

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