Book Appreciation with Stephanie Burgis

In the Book Appreciation segments, our featured authors (or your host) will talk about one or more favorite books with queer female characters in a historic setting.

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In this episode we talk about:

Books mentioned

Proper English by K.J. Charles

Of Books and Earth and Courtship by Aliette de Bodard

House of Shattered Wings by Aliette de Bodard

A Little Light Mischief by Cat Sebastian


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Transcript for Today’s Show

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The lesbian historic motif podcast is brought to you by Heather Rose Jones under the tilt podcast group we look at lesbian relevant themes in history and literature and talked about current historical fiction with queer female characters including fantastic versions of the past we feature interviews with authors and readers and in months when we have a fifth show we’re proud to present new original historical fiction for your enjoyment last week we had Stephanie Burgess on the show to talk about her own books in this show she’s here to talk about historic stories with queer female characters that she’s particularly enjoyed welcome back Stephanie hi thank you so much for having me so let’s plunge right into the books then all right well my first one is by KJ Charles it’s proper English and it makes me ridiculously happy because it’s basically a golden age crime story set in a house party and it takes them but it gives us a wonderful FF couple having an amazing romance in the midst of all of it and it’s got humor and it’s got complicated family dynamics which make me so happy and it was just a total joy it’s if you’ve ever read me Agatha Christie you’ll notice they’re all the sort of coded lesbian characters not stopped to read a mystery set in that time period where the code is taken away it’s right out there and they have a fantastic happy ending uh-huh yeah I love that one too yeah I bet it right after surgery the spring and it was like the only thing that could have taken my mind off perfect okay what’s the next book I the next book is well I’m trying to decide yes I’m going to it’s a this is a really difficult task me to narrow it all down but it’s going to be actually novel at bialya to Bedard it’s called of books and earth and courtship and this one is fantasy historical it’s set in a post-apocalyptic 20th century magical Paris and in which there are fallen angels who are extremely dangerous and amoral and there is danger at every turn and people survivors in Paris are mostly clustering in these houses these great houses you know which are very magical and there’s lots of dark political maneuvering going on within them well this is a prequel story because in her the first book in the series House of shattered wings one of the houses is ruled by a woman called Celine who has a partner named Emmanuelle and it’s a very dark book but then Ali Etro this amazing prequel story of books an earthen courtship which is about how saline and Emmanuelle first got together and it’s so much fun and it’s just well I would say for the series it’s incredibly light and frothy it might not be as light and frothy as another author no it is just like a chocolate confection and I loved every word of it yeah I’ve never been quite sure how to place her that series in time because you know it the setting clearly has had analogs of a lot of 20th century history and I think that the the look and feel is sort of I mean she may have said I’m not sure but the look and feel of the first book is is sort of Golden Age type age and but but it’s so clearly diverged from our world that I’m never quite sure whether to count it as historical even so but I can’t I love it it’s gosh it’s so many queer characters in there yes just casually yes which is great yeah and it’s so cute Debbie it’s just their relationship is so cute in the story it’s so nice to get a cute froggy story in this dark wonderful very dark series and um yeah it was just ridiculously fun and you could read it even without I haven’t read any of the books first because it is a prequel story so you don’t have to have any previous knowledge and then the last one I was going to talk about I feel almost guilty recommending it because I think almost anyone who listens to this podcast will have heard about it but I just want to be one more voice the same cat Sebastian’s a little like mischief novella is just delightful it’s a Regency it’s between it’s a romance between a lady’s maid it just happens to be a for thief and a lady companion who’s very proper and they fall madly in love commit a crime to exact some very very well-deserved revenge on a guy who was just horrible and he deserves this and yeah it just made me enormous like happy and if you want that really wonderful light frothy fun Regency tone with the reformed scoundrel heroine in this case and the very proper heroine II it just it takes every box I loved it yeah III liked how it was set up with the class issues and how the characters were very true to their backgrounds with with very genuine constraints and motivations and all that I enjoyed that so I will leave links to those titles in the show notes and thank you so much Stephanie for sharing some of your favorite books with us oh thank you I’m happy to talk about books anytime I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of the lesbian historic motif podcast see the show notes for links to people and topics most shows will have a transcript linked as well if you have a book 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