Blue Ice Landing by KA Moll

Hear an excerpt from the audiobook for Blue Ice Landing by KA Moll @ka_cade_writes narrated by Emily Beresford on this episode of Book Clips, the mini podcast where authors and narrators give you a taste of a book with a short snippet. 

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At 33, Coy Davidson is a beautiful blonde with a southern accent and a successful practice as a physician assistant. She has a comfortable home, good friends, and a loving family. She’s also a widow, carrying a burden of responsibility for her wife’s untimely death. She lost her footing that day, gave up her dream to be a doctor, and swore off relationships. Now, three years later, she’s ready to turn her life on end in an effort to regain what she lost.

At 29, Coby O’Brien is a woman with secrets. She’s estranged from her family, a recovering alcoholic, and alone because she’s convinced that she’s unlovable. When she loses her job as a heavy equipment operator, she’ll accept one that’ll force her to step way outside her comfort zone into a life where nothing is, as it seems. Having caught next to no breaks in life, it may turn out to be her break of a lifetime.

When Coy quits her job to accept a position in Antarctica, her path will cross with Coby’s. Their attraction to one another will be immediate, and despite their differences, it won’t be long before they fall in love. But for these two, with all their baggage, will love be enough?

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you are listening to book clips a mini podcast in which authors and erasers do readings from novels check out the show notes for the synopsis and by links for this book [Music] blue ice landing written by ka Mall narrated by Emily Beresford Kobe tipped back for a mouthful of soda as her team scored its first touchdown she swallowed and shouted go bears well I don’t think so the curvy woman said adding extra drawl for emphasis go Packers she’d come out of nowhere it was like having a southern songbird sneak up and scream in your ear Kobe met her gaze with a grin oh no she moaned playfully I think a packer backer is about to sit next to me she sure is poised that with a smile it was smooth and easy like her demeanor she settled onto the barstool lifting a menu from its holder I’ll have a turkey on whole wheat with a house salad she said to go if possible she added taiga way it is the bartender said it’ll be open a bait thank you kindly coy responded as she turned her attention to the green eyed woman seated next to her green the least common eye color would make her more susceptible to the sun’s harmful radiation her eyes and complexion were a striking contrast to her red copper hair underneath green and black flannel she wore a white tee shirt the shirt combination was almost but not quite enough to conceal the slight to swell of her breasts coy Davidson coy said Cobie startled when coy touched the back of her hand the quick movement nearly spilled her drink kobe lee o’brien she stammered the corners of Kois mouth turned upward ever so slightly pleased to meet you Kobe Leigh O’Brien she said she licked her lips and allowed her gaze to linger good to meet you too Koby echoed as she switched down a gulp of Cola in the next instant she launched into a coughing fit quite touched the center of her back ever so gently saying you’re okay sorry Coby sputtered rubbing her eyes I just panicked there for a minute no need to be coy cooed choking ‘he’s a scary thing Coby nodded averting her gaze she seemed relieved when the roar of the TV crowd provided her with an excuse to yell at the screen Hey she objected that was a clean hit she stole a glance quois way did you see that she asked it was clean I did coy responded but I’m not so sure that was the case she smiled and held her gaze had it been clean she added that funds in tlemen in the black and white striped shirt wouldn’t have tossed his yellow hankie onto the field Kobe’s eyes twinkled you’ve really get football don’t you she said you sound surprised coy responded with the raise of an eyebrow well I am a little Kobe said as she fingered through what appeared to be a recently clipped crop of hair do tell coy responded Kobe’s eyes narrowed go on coy added with a suppressed smile explain yourself oh uh okay Kobe sad I just meant that girls as pretty as you are usually pretty dense when it comes to football well coy responded as a slow smile spread across her face I do believe that was meant as a compliment so I suppose a thank you is called for she was curious about her handsome new friends travel plans but decided it best not to ask about them her gaze lingered for a long moment here you go the bartender announced as he set her meal before her why thank you coy responded peeking into the bag to see what he’d brought it smells wonderful she added paying in the price of $17.50 and rolling the top closed as she turned to Kobe she slipped her meal into the side pocket of her luggage it was a pleasure Kobe Lee O’Brien she said extending her hand yeah for me too Kobe responded taking it blue ice landing written by ka Maul narrated by Emily Beresford you have been listening to book clips check out the show notes for the synopsis and by links for this book if you are interested in showcasing your novel then check out the show notes for more information