Podcasts About The Best Lesbian Books

You can discover the best lesbian books with these podcasts. No matter the kind of books you love, you are bound to find just the right one with this list.

Best Lesbian Books Of All Time

We have has some awesome guests on our podcasts and so we have some of the most diverse and interesting book recommendations.

These podcasts feature books that changed lives, made people think and generally great books to read and reread.

10 Lesbian Novels That Changed My Life

Karin Kallmaker joined Sheena to talk about her favourite life-changing novels. They talk about the impact of a good novel and why these really spoke to them.

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10 Best Debut Novels in LesFic

In this podcast we look at the 10 Best Debut Novels in LesFic. Clare Lydon was the guest for this one.

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10 Books We Want As Movies

Anna joined Sheena to talk about some of the coolest books that they have read which would make great movies. Each choice has epic movie appeal so if that’s your kind of read then listen to this episode now.

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Niche Books With Lesbian Characters

We have also done a number of podcasts about niche books with lesbian characters, so if you like to explore the unusual tropes and niches in lesfic then this is a great place to start.

3 Must-Read Books With Incidental Lesbians

Incidental lesbians are characters where lesbians just happen to be lesbians. Generally these are non romances where the character doesn’t have a romance as a main plot line. This is a fantastic way to get some great representation while being able to cross over into mainstream readerships.

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3 Must-Read Books About Women In The Military

In this one we explore women who work in the military. We all love a woman in uniform. We also look at why these characters are so attractive to read about.

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7 F/F Books With Women Pretending To Be Men

Both Tara and Sheena love a great story with a woman who is pretending to be a man. Usually these books take place in a world in which women cannot really live alone unless they are married and so women crave the life that only a man can get.

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8 Awesome Books With Bisexual Leading Ladies

If you are partial to great representation of bisexual women and want some fab book recommendations then this podcast is for you.

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10 Best UK Based Lesbian Novels

Check it out, we did a whole podcast just on UK based novels with lesbian main characters. If you aren’t already exploring UK lesfic then this is a great place to start.

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10 Butch Women We Fell For

Butch representation is wonderful in lesfic and here is a list of 10 of our favourites. We talk about why Butch rep is awesome and why we love these women.

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Best Romance Novels

Romance is one of the most popular types of books in lesbian fiction, so of course we have great recommendations and podcasts for romance books.

Heather Rose Jones Shares 5 Books And Reasons That Prove The English Regency Is The Perfect Setting For Romance

For Lovers of a good romance, maybe it’s time to try some regency romance. If you aren’t convinced now then listen to this podcast and let Heather convince you.

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Ann Etter Recommends 5 Lesbian Romances

Ann Etter, narrator, loves a great romance and talks about 5 that made an impact on her.

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8 Fake Relationships

Fake relationships are one of the most popular tropes in lesbian novels and why not? Having two women pretend to be in love and then actually fall in love is totally awesome.

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10 Best Slow-Burn Romances

Author Jae joined Sheena on this one to talk about some of her favourite slow-burn romances. And Sheena tosses in some of her favourites too.

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10 Best Girl Next Door Novels

Author Melissa Brayden joins Sheena to talk about her favourite books with girl-next door characters, why we love the sweet girl-next door type and give some recommendations for great reads.

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Best Audiobooks

Audiobooks are a natural for lovers of podcasts. It’s a great way to get your story fix while being a busy person.

Top 10 Audiobooks Of 2017

In this episode Tara and Sheena explore their favourite audiobooks from 2017. These are great listens even if you are no longer in 2017.

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10 Best Audiobooks To Help You Get Started

Listening to audiobooks requires some great starter audiobooks. Not everyone loves audiobooks but if you start with the right ones then you may discover a secret love for them.

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Action is fun and kick-ass women rock! Here are our podcasts where we feature books with loads of action.

3 Lesbian Action Books Recommended by Brooklyn

Reviewer Brooklyn joins Sheena to talk about 3 of her favourite action novels in lesbian fiction. Expect loads of action and little romance

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Erin’s 5 Favourite Women Who Kill

Join reviewer Erin as she talks about thrillers and killers who she just happens to love. If you want a great female assassin then this is the podcast for you.

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10 LesFic Women Who Will Kick Your Ass

Sheena and Brooklyn debate which of these women would kick your ass more epically. In the process they talk about action, adventure and science fiction and fantasy books

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These are not the only podcasts about the best lesbian books that we have done and we are definitely going to do more. But this is a great place to start.

Happy listening.