The Best Lesbian Books 2018

Podcasts about the best lesbian books of 2018 is a great way to find new authors and new types of books. In these podcasts we explore our favourite fiction that was published in 2018.

Sheena and Tara Recommend The Best Lesbian Fiction Books 2018

This selection is a mix of genres, authors and kinds of leading ladies. But these are 7 books that we highly recommend. There are also some great recommendations for

The best lesbian romance novels 2018.

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10 Awesome Historical Books And Movies From 2018

If you are into historical books and movies then this list by Heather is a must-listen. In it she talks about her 10 favourite Lesbian historical books and movies from 2018

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K Aten’s Top 3 Books Of 2018

Author Kelly Aten shares her favourite three books from 2018. If you love speculative fiction then this is a good podcast for you.

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Anna And Kelly Talk GCLS 2018

Something else fun that happened in 2018 was that reviewers Kelly and Anna went to the GCLS lesbian fiction conference and they talk about it right from the conference.

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This has been The Best Lesbian Books 2018 podcast list. We hope you enjoyed these podcasts and find books you love.