Beneath the Surface by Rebecca Langham

Beneath The Surface by Rebecca LanghamBeneath the Surface by Rebecca Langham 

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In this episode, we hear a reading from Beneath the Surface by Rebecca Langham (The Outside Project book 1)


The Outsiders were embraced by humanity in the early days, but it wasn’t long before the differences between the aliens and humans started to make people nervous. Very nervous. Housing the celestial refugees in remote colonies where they could live peacefully was the most humane solution. At least, that’s the story everyone’s been told.

As the daughter of a prominent politician, Lydia Barrett has lived most of her life in the public eye. So, when teaching a job in an Outsider colony becomes available, she jumps at the chance at some privacy, even if it means living underground for three months and teaching the children of aliens.

The corporate-managed facility is not what Lydia expected, the government’s promises of safety and autonomy are a far cry from the reality. As she grows closer to the Outsiders it becomes increasingly difficult to ignore the injustices they face.  Nor can she deny the intense connection that develops between herself and the enigmatic Alessia.  Falling for an interned alien is complicated enough, but Lydia’s father is connected to a government plot that would see Outsiders manipulated to advance the human race — no matter the cost.

Lydia and Alessia must find a way to free the Outsiders, but is it possible to do so without starting a violent rebellion that would ultimately doom the future of Alessia’s people?

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