Being Hers by Anna Stone

Hear a piece from the audiobook for Being Hers by Anna Stone @AnnaStoneAuthor narrated by Lexy Rebe @LexyRebe on this episode of Book Clips, the mini podcast that gives listeners a taste of a book.

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Melanie has spent her entire life working her way up in the world. By day, she studies at law school, and by night, she serves drinks at an exclusive club to afford her tuition. But the hard-working Melanie will never admit her true desire: to escape from her fast-paced, high-pressure life, if only for a moment.

When Melanie meets Vanessa, a glamorous executive and a regular at the club, she is drawn to the enigmatic black-haired woman. Vanessa is relentless in pursuing what she wants–and what she wants is Melanie. Soon, Melanie finds herself caught up in Vanessa’s sensual games of submission.

Melanie insists that her affair with Vanessa remain purely physical. But as her limits are tested, so is the line between lust and love. When ghosts from the past reappear, both women must face their deepest fears. Can Melanie surrender her everything to Vanessa, or will old wounds prove too great?

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you are listening to book clips a mini podcast in which authors and erasers do readings from novels check out the show notes for the synopsis and by links for this book Lexy rebe and spoken realms present being hers by Anna stone narrated by Lexy rebe chapter 1 smooth bass heavy pop music pulse through the room the patrons drank danced and lounged on plush chairs under glittering lights gorgeous women adorned in diamonds and designer dresses flirted with rich businessmen in Italian suits b-list celebrities flaunted their wealth throwing away wads of cash on $2,000 bottles of champagne mel walked over to a table occupied by a young woman and a man who looked old enough to be her grandfather she cleared the empty glasses from the table can I get you anything else another bourbon on the rocks the man said not bothering to look up at her and another of those fruity things for her coming right up luckily for him Mel remembered what cocktail that fruity thing was Mel returned to the bar and relayed the drink order to the bartender she plucked a soggy napkin from the bottom of her shoe just another night at the lounge part high-end bar part nightclub it was one of the city’s most exclusive night spots or so she was told when she wasn’t working Mel spent most of her nights at home or at the library writing papers and combing through law textbooks Mel delivered the drinks to the couple on a silver tray then took another order she went back and forth serving drinks and wiping down tables until her feet ached and her muscles burned mercifully by that time her shift was almost over hey Mel James her manager beckoned her over to the bar what’s up James Mel leaned down on the bar grateful for a moment to catch her breath she’d spent the whole day in classes and had been on her feet all night here James handed her a large envelope it’s your new contract does this mean I’m off probation Mel flicked through the pages everyone who worked at the lounge started on a probationary period due to the clientele high standards the patrons expected nothing short of the Royal Treatment and they did not tolerate mistakes Mel had never worked at a club before starting at the lounge but she was a fast learner yep I recommended you for a permanent position weeks ago but I’ve been waiting for the owners approval he likes to have the final say in everything Mel found that surprising the identity of the lounge’s owner was a complete mystery no one seemed to know who he was and none of the staff had ever met him as the manager James was the exception but all he would tell anyone was that the owner was an extremely private person Mel signed the contract and handed it back to James congratulations you’re one of us now he said thanks Mel breathed a sigh of relief a little job security was a huge weight off her shoulders by the way a few of us are going out for drinks after we close want to come thanks but I have a paper to finish it was one of her standard answers a paper to finish an exam to prepare for some supplemental reading to do come on Mel you’re always here at Law School do you ever do anything fun I go running sometimes that doesn’t count I have a social life really Mel didn’t mention that her social life mostly involved going to law school networking events okay but you’re missing out if you think the crowd at the lounge is wild you should see us after a few drinks maybe next time Mel said James grinned he wasn’t a bad guy for a manager he was extremely laid-back James was in his late 20s any treated his staff like friends this included Mel despite her constantly knocking back his invitations to come out for drinks she hoped he didn’t have an ulterior motive it wouldn’t be the first time a guy didn’t realize that he was barking up the wrong tree James pushed a tray toward her it held a single glass of whiskey can you take this to Table six sure Mel grabbed the tray and edged past the crowd Table six was at the far corner of the room as the crowd thinned in front of her Mel’s heart skipped a beat it was her she sat alone upright in her chair as if it were a throne she wore an ivory silk dress that clung to her slender curves her jet black hair cascaded down her shoulders in loose perfect waves and her blue eyes were framed by long dark lashes the woman was a regular at the lounge coming in around once a week she always came alone and sat at that table by herself watching the crowd but never speaking to anyone unlike all the other regulars none of the staff knew anything about her not her name not her job not how she made her riches and she had to be rich to afford to come to a place like the lounge all that Mel knew about her was that she always drank the same brand of top-shelf whiskey as Mel walked toward the woman’s table she was cut off by a sharply dressed man in a suit he’d had more than a few drinks he leaned down toward the woman and flashed her a pearl white smile then said something to her that Mel couldn’t make out the woman gestured for the man to lean down closer she whispered something into his ear slowly his face turned red er and redder then without another word he stood up and scurried off Mel watched the man depart what did the woman say to him when Mel turned back to her table the woman was staring straight at her in joy the show the woman asked I Mel trailed off flustered she had never spoken to the woman before beyond taking her orders and serving her drinks what did you say to him he tried to impress me with his name and his job and he had some rather vulgar words for me I told him my name and that he should pray that we never cross paths out in the corporate world because after speaking to me like that I would make sure that no one does business with him again who was this woman that she could intimidate a man with nothing more than her name and some harsh words Mel remembered the tray in her hands your drink she placed the glass of whiskey on the table thank you the woman’s velvet voice sent a shiver careening down the back of Mel’s neck can I get you anything else the woman didn’t answer immediately she picked up her drink swirled it around and took a sip leaving a red lip print on the rim of the glass she placed it down on the table before her No thank you Mel lingered at the table she was intrigued by this woman it wasn’t just that Mel found her irresistible attractive there was something different about her on the surface she undeniably belonged to the elite from her stylish clothing down to her short manicured fingernails everything about her pointed to someone accustomed to a life of luxury but she made no effort to flaunt her wealth and showed none of the entitlement of the other customers is there something else the woman asked Mel paused she felt compelled to ask the woman something anything why do you come here the words tumbled out of Mel’s mouth it’s just that you’re always by yourself and you don’t seem to want to talk to anyone the woman leaned back in her chair and studied Mel’s face you’ve been what King me Mel’s face grew hot she talked to strelok of her brown hair behind her ear I like to watch people too the woman said that’s why I come here and to enjoy the fine selection of whiskey that the lounge has on offer her eyes never leaving Mel’s she picked up her glass and took another long sip Mel stood there held captive by the woman’s gaze her heart raced there was something in her eyes that Mel couldn’t quite decipher flirtation an invitation a command a raucous shout from somewhere behind her broke Mel out of her trance I should go let me know if you need anything else the woman nodded her expression inscrutable as Mel walked away she swore that she could feel the woman’s eyes on her back you have been listening to being hers by Anna stone narrated by Lexi rebe you have been listening to book clips check out the show notes for the synopsis and by links for this book if you are interested in showcasing your novel then check out the 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