Author Suzie Carr Interview

Author Suzie Carr Interview on Seize the Day Podcast with Natalie Miller-Snell

In todays show, I am joined by the very wonderful, Suzie Carr. A renowned author, blogger, podcaster, Director of Membership for the Golden Crown Literary Society and general lovely human being, it was a true pleasure to have Suzie on.

Suzie talks candidly about the adversity she has experienced in her life, the insights she has gained through those experiences and how she managed to turn a negative situation to a positive one.  It’s truly inspiring and very admirable.  Suzie talks about her passion for writing and shares which of her books are her favourite.  She also talks about GCLS and why it’s a great conference to attend.

Seize the Day was inspired by my favourite latin expression, Carpe Diem. I’ve had some great mentors throughout my life who have offered me invaluable guidance. I’m hoping to do the same through these podcasts.  We have so many wonders at our fingertips; sometimes we just need a little help, or someone to point us in the right direction. 

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SUZIE’S NEW BOOK as discussed on the show The Pet Boutique

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[Music] you are listening to seize the day with Natalie Miller-Snell now during these podcasts we’ll be exploring all of the different opportunities that we get to seize the day on a daily basis and what tools and what changes we can make in order to throughout those goals are you ready to make change podcast lovers hello hello hello it’s Thursday I’m Natalie and you are listening to seize the day now I have a real treat for you joining me on today’s show is a wonderful woman she’s an author a blogger podcast host of the curvy side of life and director at the golden crown literary society she’s an all-around wonderful human being and it’s truly my pleasure to have on Suzie Carr Thank You Natalie that is quite the opening well you know so far you chose well it’s lovely so thank you so much for coming because I know it’s very early for you we just had a bit of a chat and it’s what 5 a.m. over your time it is 5 a.m. and for anybody who knows me they know that this is actually not that early for me I’ve been up I usually get up at 2:30 in the morning so 5 a.m. it’s like hey it’s sleeping in it’s actually slept in this morning we’re actually are you for anyone listening where are you at the moment Susie can you describe where you are oh yes so you mean not the state but actually my room oh no no yeah yeah no specifics yeah where are you recording from is this where you podcast is this yeah yes it is I am in my dining room and I’m I love that sitting in my dining room doing my podcasting because it’s an open floor plan and I need space yeah I need space so why we’re typically I wear this a little zoom lapel recorder and I walk around while I’m doing my podcast because I feel like I just need I have all of this energy and I need to do something with that all that energy so I paced the floor and sometimes you hear a squeak or two and I have to edit that out because I have very squeaky floors and I am going to do something about that soon I’ve never noticed honestly I’m I noticed that but that’s fast I’ve never tried the lapels are they good do you enjoy it I love the lapel because it really offers freedom and a lot of times I do a lot of interviewing for my job at a university and I’ll have faculty members do webinars and they get really uncomfortable sitting in front of a computer with a headset on they feel trapped they are used to being in front of a classroom walking around talking so we’ve used these lapel mics and it’s like they opened up their personality and the webinars are so much richer as a result I suppose you’re less cut less conscious yes not even aware that it’s there right yeah I can see that so you’re more natural and therefore your personality comes out yeah I can move my arms because I’d like to talk with my hands and it’s all good I am so animated it’s crazy thank you so much for coming on I mean we met last year last July well just before that actually and Sheena hooked us up when I was starting out on the podcast journey and I must say I met you in Vegas for GCLs which we’ll come onto later and you were so kind to me and so lovely and offered such invaluable advice in terms of starting the journey in it I don’t forget that and certainly I found you very inspiring looking at what you do in your life and in terms of the you know the podcast thing we do a very similar thing on the shows but difference as well you know I don’t think you can talk too much about positivity and your life generally so let’s chat about you and where it all started see today is all about celebrating wonderful women and I know you’ve been through quite a lot of adversity in your life which is quite incredible and very admirable in terms of how you’ve turned negative to positive so if you’re keen to maybe not to rehash the detail but touch on what you’ve learned from it and I suppose the the insights that you’ve gained from those experiences and how you turned it around to a positive I think would be a great thing yeah sure well first of all I just want to say I loved meeting you in GC field it was wonderful to put a face to the name and to the just we had interactions via email and so it’s just wonderful to meet somebody in person you are so vivacious and lively and energetic and full of life and it was just such a pleasure being able to work with you in that early moment and see you bloom I mean it’s amazing you’re alright so your podcast is absolutely brilliant I love us bless you yeah I love listening to it you have done such a great job you have the perfect voice for it in the perfect personality it’s it’s really it’s it’s such a pleasure to see how you’ve grown your channel it’s amazing so let’s talk about you okay so adversity right adversity is such an important element to life it’s something that helps us grow as people and most people spend their life trying to avoid adversity and challenge because it’s uncomfortable nobody likes to step outside of that comfort zone willingly but I say that it is one of the best things you can do for yourself it’s to stare discomfort in the face and challenge yourself to overcome that obstacle and so yes I mean I think all of us have been through adversity in life and it’s what we learned from that adversity that helps that kind of turns us into the people that we are today today I am a person who I feel like I’ve developed a sense of empathy a sense of community a sense of just overall understanding that everybody comes at a conversation at an interaction with a different lens and that is okay what I what I have learned as well is there are people out there who at first seem like they are bullying and they are mean and some people are legitimately out there just to do that and yeah that’s never okay and it hurts like hell when it happens to you but sometimes it’s a matter of also understanding that the person who is in effect doing the bullying may just be doing it because they are coming from an ignorant place and I don’t mean that in a derogatory sense what I mean is they are ignorant to the fact of what they are actually they don’t even understand what they’re upset about or maybe they’re just going with the flow of what people are saying and they’re just following that lead and once they understand where somebody else is coming from when they if they if they’re able to change and actually become an empathetic person as a result of understanding how how their actions and words have hurt somebody then that’s great because it’s potential growth there and there’s an eye there there is a way for people to connect on a level that is so much deeper and richer than ever possible if that person didn’t open up to growth and understanding and changing as a person because right right so I I try really hard not to be a judgmental person when it comes to people who have hurt me in the past I believe that there is a an element of forgiveness that is necessary if somebody truly tries to ask for that forgiveness there are some people who are very closed off from ever forgiving somebody for hurting them and that that’s really a disadvantage in life when you close off from that when you are able to listen to somebody and understand where they were coming from and then come to a mutual agreement that something really hurt and that person acknowledges that then you can move forward and some rich things can happen as a result so that a preface what I’m about to say with that so what happened to me in the less fit community was I started publishing my books back in 2011 and in 2012 I said you know I need to I’m gonna write a blog post about Who I am as a person writing in the lesbian fiction genre and who I am is I’m a bisexual woman married to a man and I was always afraid to come out with that because I wasn’t sure how that would be accepted by the community and back in 2012 it was not accepted it really wasn’t I received a lot of terrible hate mail email from people messages on facebook on Twitter telling me that how dare you write in the less fit community if you’re not a lesbian and you know I’m a woman who I love women love and women I I felt at that moment that I didn’t have a place in the literary world and it was a really uncomfortable position to be in because what was I supposed to do now I felt like my writing career was over that oh handful of people were dictating my future and it was really hurtful and I thought there I do a lot of other bisexual authors who could have potentially been hurt by this as well so anyway I went into hiding I took all that took that blog post down I went back in the closet Oh crikey in a community where I thought I should be accepted I had I was not accepted by a handful of people this is this is not yet the entire community I want to I wanted to say that there are many people who are very supportive but at that time it was a different time different place different political everything was very different so anyway I went back into hiding took all that down and then I had to hide who I was as if I had to be shameful of Who I am a person who has been married for 24 years happily and yeah with an incredibly supportive person by my side who encourages me to be me at all times in life and so it took it took some time January 2016 I finally came out of private oh yes sorry to interrupt you Susie because I mean your story is quite incredible you didn’t write that whole time no I wrote as a person who I had to hide who I was and so people just assumed I was a lesbian they assumed I was married to a woman and I couldn’t correct them so I thought I had to not only be shameful of Who I am but I had dog not I had to lie out of omission and I did not feel right to me because I’m a very authentic person and I was so afraid to ruin my writing career by saying who I was and in January 2016 this wonderful person her name is Alex and she she’s the host of a very popular podcast radio show called the naked truth and she challenged me she’s a very bold person in such a lovely way and she challenged me to go on her show and cannot really confess but I guess confess Who I am again so I celebrate it thank you yes celebrate who you are the incredible person oh let’s carry on sorry oh so much to say oh I did I went on her show and I was scared to death cuz I thought well this could be the end of my writing career again and I had just been in this really cool book called the dance and it was about honeybees and about loss and forgiveness and I god I wanted it to do so great in the charts and I wanted people to read it and I was coming out again just as this book was releasing and she had my hand too the whole time I’ll just say that and she did it in such a way I felt courageous and bold and one thing on her show after I you know stated who I was she you know she challenged me to take a step and so I did one dream that I always had since publishing my books was to go to the GCLs conference the golden crown literary society but I was too afraid because I didn’t know if I was going to be accepted or welcomed there cuz I’m not a lesbian and I was so afraid to always go and be and has to answer the question so are you married was your moves your wife and I was so afraid to answer that question and I didn’t know how to I didn’t know how to show up and be me and I said you know what I’m gonna go and I’m not gonna worry now if you know I’m just gonna go well let me tell you I’m now on the board of directors for GCMs that’s awesome I am a director of membership for them and part of part of the board this year what we did was we came together in a in a face-to-face meeting to discuss how we can become more inclusive and welcoming and and allow people who are not lesbians to feel welcomed at our conferences in our in our society and so it’s wonderful because we’ve changed our mission statement we’ve done all of that and it’s it’s an incredibly welcoming space for anybody who just who loves books that are lesbian themed about women loving women and you can be you can be straight you can be bi you can be trans you can be anything you want to be as long as you’re writing about women love and women your books we will celebrate those books within the community that’s what we celebrate women love and women less lesbian themed literature so anyway that is my story the adversity that I went through has changed me into a person who is accepting welcoming non-judgmental understanding of people who may be judgmental and try to get to a common ground where they can understand both sides of the story and how people’s feelings can affect your own feelings and by doing so we just create a better space where people can connect on a deeper level you know what honestly you’re absolutely incredible and that’s what this show is all about it’s about celebrating ourselves it’s about celebrating who we are and also the fantastic things that we do overcome and deliver and what we bring in put out into the world we’re all unique we’re all individual and that’s what’s so special no one person is better than the next well we’re all different and that’s what’s wonderful I truly truly believe that and I find it exciting to meet people who have got different ideas or different thoughts because it challenges my mind and it makes me have to question oh you know well that’s a really good point I like what you’ve said there the whole sexuality thing frustrates me beyond belief because we are just when we don’t look the same well you know everybody is my new detailed different and that makes sense internally as well in terms of our likes and everything else and I’ll call me you know motivation so how you both tackled it dealt with it confronting it in that way and also appreciating the other points but the other person’s point of view and helping to get them to understand admirable Suzy really admirable and I’m certain there’s lots of people listening who will be able to identify with you if it’s not this particular topic something else perhaps as well and bring those tools in and certainly Suzy’s podcasts are incredible what she’s just about now she talks about such wonderful eloquent way on your podcast in terms of supporting and help motivate people so I definitely recommend listening you know awesome and and tell me so the book side of things writing obviously is your passion does that help you in day to day as well when you’re even going through adversity like that what you know how do where do you get your inspiration for the books in and what are they all about Oh Natalie I love that question I love talking books yeah so books book writing is a big part of my life and what I love about writing books is being able to delve into the intricacies of the human mind yeah I love being able to get into the character’s head and and just learn about life through their lens so what I try to do is I love to give my characters some deep flaws some great challenges and in kind of put them through that and see well where are they gonna come out on the other end and it surprises me too because you know a lot of times when a writer sits down to write the character takes over the keyboard and it’s such an incredibly thrilling ride because you never know what’s gonna come out of them love it love it do you really sometimes do you go on the journey with them then and then oh wow okay this is where we should go I would say that is that happens 95% of the time there is there there definitely planned I definitely planned my novel out because I am a planner so I have a sort of structure that I like to stay within in terms of the storyline and some of the challenges however it’s the the things that are going on in their mind how they perceive the world and what those perceive ‘men swill do in terms of action that surprised the heck out of me and I’m like holy that is so cool for once you give up do you have a favorite book though or is that is that okay to ask you do I am okay you know sorry I love I love all my books for different reasons obviously I wouldn’t have written them if I didn’t love them I wouldn’t push them I should say I’ve written many that I haven’t published because I they’re just not there they’re not meant for I guess public consumption but the ones that I have published I’m proud of them I worked hard on them and I would say I have two favorites at this point and the reason why they are my favorites is because they my this might sound funny to some people but the inspiration of my dogs helped me write these two books and that’s why they’re my favorites because my dogs were my everything so the first one is the dance and that one was published back in 2016 and I did a some intensive research with honey bees honey bees are the perfect symbol for showing life and death and the beauty in both so what I did was I went to a local bee a bee airy and I suited up and I went out there and I hung out with tens of thousands of honeybees and it was the most peaceful yet invigorating experience I have ever experienced in my life did you have to wear the suit were you out yeah I did wear the suit no way Wow okay no I think it’s done I did not get stung they are playful they are tranquil they’re like puppy dogs they really are honeybee they’re beautiful creatures they’re not going to attack you unless you attack them like if they they have a perception they can feel they can feel the emotions of other people like that’s my own I’ve done some research and that’s what they say but I’ve experienced that for my sister so you experience it as well right lovely yeah they they know energy and if you go in there with calm soothing energy a loving energy they’re gonna do the same thing for you and boy did they ever it was beautiful and I’ve gone back several times and I’m friends with the local bee a bee a bee keepers and it’s wonderful they welcomed me in there i buy honey from them and bee pollen and it’s a fantastic experience so what that what that research experience helped me to do was write a really compelling story about a about two women falling in love in the face of great challenges and great adversity including deaths including grieving including marital infidelity things of that sort not between them but with their past with their past partners and spouses so anyway this book is about learning how to forgive learning how to love again and the bees help drape this story in a lot of symbolism that is so true of human connection and what I what I learned from this book was my book my dog sunshine is a big white box or a 120-pound boxer Wow he passed away he passed away in 2015 and he stole a big piece of my heart when he when he passed and this book helped me heal writing this book because I felt his spirit when I was writing it in so many ways he taught me how to overcome death and look at it in a beautiful way he taught me the value of looking at death as when somebody passes that we truly truly love we owe it to their life in their legacy to not die with them in spirit because I had sort of died a little bit in spirit when sunshine passed away and I felt him say to me Mom you are not honoring my life or my spirit by dying with me and as soon as I heard him say that to me that was the big central theme of this story and that’s why it remains one of my top favorites and so that was that one Wow my next favorite hasn’t published yet well it may may publish by the time this podcast publishes its publishing on March 1st 2019 and it’s called the pet boutique so I’ve seen I’ve seen you advertising there I’m really excited really excited and this one is all about bumble bee now bumble bee just passed away in July a week after I met you Natalie and it was tough yeah I I actually suffered her death a lot harder because I didn’t have any other dogs to focus my attention on and it was really really hard for me and still is matter of fact I’m trying not to be pushy yeah um but she is a huge part of this book surely a huge part of this book and right so her role in this book is she is Kashmir that’s her name and I named her that because her favorite auntie who comes to visit me in Maryland all the time that’s her nickname for her Kashmir so I thought well how fitting so I’m gonna name this dog this character of Kashmir and she’s a white boxer just-just-just is my bumblebee she is bumblebee and my my whole goal in writing her character was I wanted to be able to reflect back and read this book over and over again and be able to live be able to enjoy her her spirited fun spirited nature and so in this book she lives on carries on she does not die she is an integral part of the of the story and she helps she helps the characters and she just is I put all of the fun silly antics that she would do daily into this character so I find myself when I am reading it to review it over and over again I I laugh out loud because that is so her and it’s such a wonderful way to pay tribute to her and you know a lot of readers who have been following me on social media all these years they they know bumblebee and so I feel like they are going to appreciate this story too because it’s just it’s wonderful to to have that spirit that energy of a dog around and so this story has sat in addition to it’s a love story between two women and you know so it’s it’s obviously got that romantic side that will appeal to my audience as well I love it it’s great and hey we all love animals so it’s a great it’s a great aspect to have within or as part of the ongoing moments within a story so I can’t wait for that to come out I’d say I’m really excited okay I’ve got some random questions for you are you ready I am here we go yeah right what was the last book that you read oh well right now I’m eating [Laughter] you’re eating books easy Wow can you take on things oh my god well right now I am reading eating life by death what a great title for a book what’s it about I write so I loved the title and the cover right I think this book came out and I can’t remember what year I think it was last year I think it was 2018 could have been 2017 all I remember is when she first published it I love to the cover it was this beautiful cover of women’s legs hanging over the edge of a car and I thought oh that’s such a wild and free looking story just the cover itself had a story to it and eating life the title is amazing and so it did take me this long only because I am a very slow reader I’d like to really indulge when I’m reading and I read a lot of different books and so I weave in between fiction and nonfiction so this is my fiction read right now and I am loving loving loving it it’s I’m not gonna do it justice if I try to explain it just go out there and buy this book because I’m half way through it and I am totally engrossed in it Beth Burnett has an incredibly brilliant writing voice her description is impeccable and it just sucks you right in it’s wonderful so that’s what I’m reading right now and I yeah I’m just loving it brilliant I am definitely gonna title alone has sold me okay if who would you want to be stranded on a desert island with I have not prepped Susie for these questions by the way okay well if we’re talking in terms of intellectual inspiration Tony Robbins oh nice okay okay he’s one of my all-time go-to coaches virtual coaches if you will and I haven’t been coached by him personally but by his information I like him mentor almost yes I have absorbed everything he has put out there I even went to his I even went to a I don’t want to call it a show but I went to Tony Robbins in August Wow how was it incredible I saw him live and he was right in front of me and he is just an incredible force of nature I don’t know any other way to describe his energy level and just the insights that he has has changed my life and I really do believe that I’ve developed into the person I am today because of this stuff he teaches so I would love to be stuck on it if I had to be stuck on an island with one person he would be it because I would just suck all that information in as much as I could and just just enjoy it yeah do you know and that’s what this shows about as well and I think why enjoy what I do with the podcasts it’s having experienced so many fantastic people in my life and who I would call mentors be it through books be it through watching somebody might not have been a personal relationship but it could have been having experienced and gained such wonderful information it’s almost wanting to give it back to a degree and you know if people enjoy it or not it but making it available and yeah I love that when you’re in I did all I attended a workshop last October it was by dr. Sam Collins she the same absolutely inspiring had a profound impact on my life you know something you just take and it resonates with you and then you think right okay I can do this I’m gonna move forward and this is how I approach it and internally you know what it is you need to do but sometimes you need a little driver or someone to just say something that kicks you and I can’t right let’s get on and do this regardless of whatever I might fear or whatnot absolutely yeah good okay I like that I’ll come join you let’s go right whoo okay now I can’t remember if you do this anyway so I hope this this questions relevant what would you sing at a karaoke night okay okay I love karaoke are you kidding me no okay okay so what’s your number what are you bellow what are you sing okay so I all right I am a shower singer right just we can get you a shower if you want I mean you know I sing in my car okay now publicly I I do sing at karaoke however I can’t I I cannot say if I’m good or not what I can say is I have a great time while I’m doing it and nobody is nobody’s covering their ears so that might be a good sign they might be giggling so I’m not sure what that all means but yes I love karaoke and while I golden crown literary society the the conference they have a karaoke night and I love doing that I I mean I usually get up with a group of people and I giggle the whole time because I just can’t keep it together but my song my go-to song is I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor when I was younger it’s when I was younger I used to go and sing karaoke that was a big thing back when I was in my early 20s so maybe that’s revealing my age a little bit yeah I’m not afraid to say it I’m 49 years old and I’m proud of you look incredible absolutely I’ve never honest I wouldn’t say you were you look incredible thank you it’s so hang on is it the big five oh this year yes September Oh what are you gonna do or your plenty of time to plan a movie let’s go hike the Appalachian Trail type of person not the whole thing but I’ll probably be doing something outdoorsy that’s how I celebrate my life it’s loving being out there in nature with the one I love so anyway yeah that’s the song that I used to sing when I was younger and I just like probably blew out the sound speakers I don’t know I only saw I’ve never done karaoke I did it once I’ve got to travel with work I was in Japan of all the round to play well they love karaoke Japanese love it we were in Tokyo I mean they’ve got floor buildings that have got floors and floors and rooms and rooms of karaoke it’s incredible one must when in Japan so I tried it out then I really enjoyed it again not sure what I sounded like gravely there’s no video footage karaoke heaven you’re listening to the lesbian talk-show the lesbians all choke on your hub of podcast information okay last question for you what is your most used emoji on your phone the red heart oh love it I love spreading love I do use that one a lot too I love the the cry and laughing face I think that’s probably my most used for everything I find most things funny okay Oh Susie you’re absolutely gorgeous I must say thank you so much for it so finally to wrap this up what would you say to anybody since this is a Cesar Day theme what would you say to anybody who wants to come out of their comfort zones to try something new to just take the plunge and do something that they’ve thought about for forever and haven’t necessarily had the confidence to do it what would you say is the best way to tackle it and to get out there and do it yeah so that’s an important question and one that I’ve evaluated in my mind over and over again because I’ve done it over and over again and here’s my take on it I have a lot of regrets in life for things that I didn’t do earlier because because of fear I used to fear public speaking and then one day I decided I’m gonna do it and then I ended up majoring in it in college because I loved it so much Wow right so there’s an example of just taking the plunge and then realizing after that Wow I really love this this invigorates me so that’s one example another thing is leaving something behind that’s no longer serving is a really hard thing for a lot of people and walking into the unknown so they’re you know everybody’s different in their decision making I feel like a lot of people including myself get stuck in that paralysis by analysis phase which means you spend too much time thinking about what could or could not happen and then you never take that step and then afterwards you never took the step and you regret it because you missed out on an opportunity potentially there are a lot of potential possible he’s out there in the only way you are gonna grab hold of those is if you actually take that step towards it it’s not very really does it come at does it come to you that’s luck and luck doesn’t luck it’s not something you can count on you have to take massive action on things if you want them to happen in your life and you have to be able to look fear in the face and say you are not going to control me yeah feel the fear and do it anyway do it anyway what is the worst thing that can happen are you gonna die from the situation and if the answer is no then go for it and you know what for some people if the answer may be some people want to go skydiving and well sure well you might die that was a risk that me I mean I went scuba diving right I became an open water certified scuba diver to research my novel beneath everything and I had to I was out there in the middle of the ocean beautiful tropical ocean of course but I mean I don’t a 70 80 feet I could have died and you know what the thought was before I jumped off the boat on there on those dives if I died to doing this it was all worth it fake cripples us isn’t it and I handed my heart it does the same to me and it’s you know take some discussion internally to quiet the what in mind because that voice is there and it does always try to stop you from doing things but you do so worse if you don’t do it because then I think that can compounds the however you look at yourself and let’s say we assume you fail it compounds that failure thought and therefore you start to believe internally that’s who I am I can’t do things I don’t fail I’m not good but you’ve got to just go for it and if you fall up some stairs when you’re going to grab an award or do a presentation of what laugh it off okay it’ll be overseen absolutely real quick so one of the things that I one of my goals for this year is to do more live videos on YouTube and there’s something about having a press that live record button go alive that freaks me out and know it freaks me out and I’ll sit there and I’m like press it press it just go alive and it takes me some time and I say to myself if you do not do this you’re gonna be so mad at yourself so just get it over with and so I press it and then I go live and it’s the best thing in the world and I have such a great time and I love it and after I’m done I’m like I am so glad and feel so empowered that I just did that did yeah that’s a fabulous example and in fact I’ve never done one but I can understand where you’re coming from because you’re all of a sudden hi everybody and you’re waiting then for the feedback perhaps or whatever I don’t know quite how they work that’s a great example Suze yeah just get on and do it and then you feel great afterwards I’ve done it once I can do it again third time it should be easy but I think the key is as well you never quite lose the fear it’s always there you just get more comfortable with it or you know where your boundaries and where your limitations are or where you can push yourself yes I always look for an opportunity to get uncomfortable yeah oh love it thank you so much right Kay where can everybody find you Susie Twitter Facebook not in your dining room the best place is probably curves welcome calm and then from there all my social social media icons are right there connect with me on social I’m on twitter i’m on instagram facebook youtube linkedin i think that might be it i’m sure i’m leaving something out oh no something it’s a web page that’s fine and GCLs this year is July the 10th yes July 10th through whatever that Sunday is 13th or 14th I think it’s the 14th yes it’s in Pittsburgh and you keep keynote speaker this time is Melinda loaded I see yes Oh crikey I I’m not having booked it I really want oh I’d love to she’s awesome I’ve let her books are incredible yeah and Cindy Rizzo is going to be our special speaker oh wow okay Wow fantastic well if you’ve not got tickets and you care head on over there in July hang out with Suzie it really is a great time it’s it’s informative educational it’s a wonderful networking opportunity it’s for introverts and extroverts even if you’re shy and afraid to be to go into a roomful of maybe your favorite authors or if you’re an author and afraid to go into a room with your with your readers there’s something for everybody and every there are so many oh my gosh everybody is so welcoming you will not feel uncomfortable I promise and we are all there the board members the community itself to help it to help you have a wonderful experience it isn’t it’s an incredibly enriching experience that when you walk away from it you you walk away with new friendships most likely everybody that I’ve ever talked with has walked away with some kind of friendship and just a new appreciation for lesbian literature love it well that’s a good reason enough anyway thank you so much for joining me Susie you’ve been absolutely awesome and I know it’s so early so I appreciate it you are very welcome it has been such a pleasure thank you so much and thanks everybody for listening keep well and take care you have been listening to seize the day with Natalie Venice now all contact information can be found in the show notes together with any links to websites I may have referred to in the show if you’ve enjoyed this podcast then come talk to us of a lesbian talk show chat group on Facebook email us on podcast at the lesbian talk show calm or follow us on Twitter at lesbian talk show you can also join our community of patrons and gay exclusive content go to the link is in the show notes thank you thank you thank you [Music]