Answering Questions About Being Asexual

This series of podcasts is all about answering questions about being asexual.

What Asexuality Is And Is Not

In this episode we learn what Asexuality is and is not as well as discussing some common myths, stereotypes and answering listener questions.

Heather and Alex answer

  • How you come to label yourself asexual
  • The claim that Asexuals don’t exist
  • What’s the difference between being asexual and aromantic
  • Does asexual mean not having any sexual feelings, or does it mean not having sexual feelings towards another person?
  • How can an asexual know he or she is homosexual or straight if he or she is not driven by sex attraction? Is there another kind of attraction? What is this attraction?
  • Are you born asexual?

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Busting The Asexual Relationship Myths

In this episode busting the asexual relationship myths and clarifying that asexuals can and do have romantic relationships.

The myths they talk about include:

  • Asexuals can’t fall in love
  • Asexuals should only date other asexuals
  • A relationship without sex is just being friends

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Common Misconceptions About Asexuals And Sex

In this episode:

  • Alex’s history as an LGBTQ councillor
  • Pressure to have sex even in lesbian relationships
  • The theory that all asexuals hate sex
  • Asexuals have no sex drive
  • Asexuality is not the same as celibacy

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A Guide To Including Asexuals

In this episode we talk about:

  • Some common instances that make asexuals uncomfortable
  • How sexualised certain seemingly innocent comments can be
  • Asexual rep in media

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Ideal Date Ideas For Asexuals

In this episode:

  • At which point in the dating relationship holding hands is acceptable
  • What Alex’s ideal date is
  • What coffee is like where Alex lives
  • Why Heather hates coffee dates
  • Which historic event Heather would want to visit on her romantic date

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