About Lesbians

We have done a ton of podcasts about lesbians. And today we are sharing some of our favourites with you. Whether you want to talk about modern or historical lesbians, we have a show just for you.

About Lesbian Relationships

We have done a full season of Les Talk About It about lesbian relationships because it is such an in-depth topic.

In the 12 episodes we talk about relations advice, what to teach your kids about relationships, studies about lesbian relationships and even how family can make a difference to your romantic relationship.

You can find the full season here

About Lesbian Marriage

If you are interested in lesbian marriage then we have some great podcasts for you.

How To Propose To A Woman

How to propose to a woman is a discussion about an article that gives you advice on how to propose to a woman. We look at the advice and then decide whether or not we agree with it.

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Marriage Rights And The Political Climate

Join KA and Dana and they talk about LGBT marriage rights in the US. It has been a long, hard journey for many countries to finally get marriage rights for the gay community and the US was no different.

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Women And Same-Sex Marriage In Western History

Heather goes through a number of strategies for getting your historical protagonists hitched across the centuries in this episode of The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast.

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Beguines Boston Marriage And Bed Death

Heather takes us on a tour through a variety of social models in European history that recognized committed romantic partnerships between women that did not focus on sexual desire.

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Bosom Sex

In this episode Heather chats about the lives and loves of two African-American women in the post Civil War era, as discovered in their correspondence. In many ways this relationship is historically relevant to lesbians.

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Books About Lesbian Love

You can find all our podcasts that focus on books about lesbian love here.

You can also check out some of our favourites below

10 Reasons Romance Rocks

Sheena and Tara discuss 10 reasons why reading romance is a great idea. This is the perfect podcast for anyone who loves romance but feels shy about reading it.

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Melissa Brayden Talks Lesbian Romance

Melissa Brayden is well known author of lesbian fiction romance. In this podcast she chats to Tara and recommends some of her favourites as a reader.

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Cheating Books To Get You Thinking

Often cheating in romance is a big no no. In this podcast, Tara and Jeannie talk about books with this theme that really worked.

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We hope you enjoyed this selection of podcasts about lesbians. Stay tuned as there are bound to be tons more on the channel.