5 Steps To An Awesome Patreon Experience

5 Steps To An Awesome Patreon Experience

For Love & Money

Looking for a regular way to grow your writerly income? Consider starting a Patreon!

Patreon is an online service that allows your fans to donate small, monthly amounts of money to you in exchange for cool rewards. In this episode of For Love & Money, Rae D. Magdon explains how to set up your own Patreon account in five steps.

We discuss:

  1. Choosing rewards
  2. Making a pledge video
  3. Sharing on social media
  4. Post consistency
  5. Developing a relationship with your Patreons

In addition to Rae’s personal experience with Patreon, which has allowed her to write full-time for the past year and a half.

Important links:

Rae’s Patreon

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