Curves Welcome: 5 Quick Ways to Perk Your Mood

Curves Welcome

5 Quick Ways to Perk Your Mood

Tired of being in a bad mood? Looking for easy ways to perk up and be happy? Novelist and Motivational Blogger Suzie Carr shares a personal story on how she coped with a bad situation and came out smiling.

Join Suzie as she discusses these 5 tips to boosting a mood:

  • Breathing exercises to reduce stress: Breathing is the first thing I do when I’m stressed to the max or feeling blue. It instantly lifts me up and makes me feel empowered. It gives me a sense of control over the present moment, which really helps when it feels like life is just pouring on the thick cement of bad circumstance.
  • Treating Yourself: What is your go-to treat when you want to feel good? Treat yourself. You deserve it.
  • Turning to mother nature for reprieve: Nothing grounds a person better than spending time beneath the canopy of tall trees draped in gorgeous green vines. Maybe it’s the smell of earth or the freshness of the air that helps a person forget about everything else, even if for just a few precious moments.
  • Giving yourself a pep talk: We all need a good pep talk one in a while, and who better to offer it than you? You’re acutely aware of the issue at hand. You understand the feelings. You likely know what it is you need to hear to get your groove back. So, try sitting down with a pad and pen and write yourself a letter, as if you were giving your friend a pep talk about the exact experience plaguing you.
  • An exercise in gratitude: Come up with one thing that makes you feel completely grateful. Just one thing. That’s it. When you have it, reflect on it and all its benefits for five full minutes. Just sit quietly and think about how wonderful that one thing makes you feel and all the good that comes out from those good vibes.

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