4 Ways To Live A Life that Matters

On this episode of Curves Welcome I discusses 4 Ways To Live A Life that Matters

I ran into a woman I used to work with at the university when out grocery shopping a few weeks ago. When I asked how she was doing, she began to cry. Not just cry, but sob. The tears rolled down her cheeks faster than she could swipe them away and she kept apologizing for getting so emotional.

“This woman, I’ll name Mary for the sake of this podcast, lives a typical life. The truth is, most of us are overwhelmed by the enormity of tasks and obligations we agree to tackle.

“In this episode I share 4 ways to help you stop overcommitting so you can live a life that holds more meaning.

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[Music] hey thanks for joining me today for this episode of curves welcome a podcast about facing and embracing the curves of life if this is your first time tuning in this is Suzie Carr I ran into a woman that I used to work with at the University when out grocery shopping a few weeks ago when I asked her how she was doing she began to cry not just cry but sob the tears rolled down her cheeks faster than she could swipe them away she kept apologizing for getting so emotional I spent some time with her in the quiet Isle of the laundry detergent that day encouraging her to share her feelings if it would help I’m just really overwhelmed she said and I’m not sure how to get everything done it seems I finished one thing and someone asked me to do another thing I worked long hours at the doctor’s office my six-year-old daughter needs rides back and forth to school I have housework to do meals to prep errands like this to run and of course I have social obligations on top of this with family gatherings and church on the weekends she wiped more tears this woman on they marry for the sake of this podcast lives a typical life most of us are overwhelmed by the enormity of tasks and obligations that we agree to tackle leaving absolutely no wiggle room to decompress and rejuvenate when we pile so much on things can quickly spin out of control commitments fill every single moment of the day and we begin cramming things into our life that we don’t even want to do we cram them into those moments at night that should be reserved for relaxation and sleep but no we toss those things out the window because we feel they have less importance than the tasks at hand we start promising ourselves things like well when I get this done then I’ll start meditating and catching up on my sleep one thing leads to another and our nutrition sleep imbalance suffers to the point we begin to experience illness migraines and all that comes along with not taking care of ourselves does this sound familiar to you do you tend to put things off for yourself that would be good for you we commit to more than we can handle figuring we’ll get it done one way or another because hey we’re women we’re full of super powers and endless energy well the consequences always catch up with us we ignore them until they are too powerful to push aside it’s hard to show up when you’re rundown so let’s say that you’ve over committed and are standing in the middle of a grocery store aisle having an emotional breakdown with a former colleague how do you stop the cycle and prevent future breakdowns to break the cycle of over-committing requires three important steps the goal is not to add more to your plate but to examine what’s there and figure out from those things what brings the most value that makes everything about being alive worth it so the first thing that you should do is set boundaries the world we live in has evolved into a 24-hour day where people expect instant gratification no longer is the evening or weekend considered sacred family time spent nurturing our relationships through good old fashioned dinners around a table or picnics in a park as a society we’re expected to check an answer that email or text message instantly we carry our cell phones everywhere and are constantly connected and plugged in everywhere we go this is a recipe for disaster when it comes to personal time in space not only does it cut into personal time it also cuts into our product of hours at work instead of being able to put our focus on the task at hand we are bombarded by technology and get interrupted so much that things take longer to complete every time we’re interrupted we need to take more time to refocus this wasted time adds up the result is a schedule that runs you so ragged you break down in the middle of a grocery store aisle when you run ragged it’s hard to focus on what matters most which is usually very little of what is on your to-do list you need to set boundaries that allow you the time to reflect on your priorities and when you allow for such reflection you are able to think more clearly and enjoy life focusing on things that really matter the second thing is to be proactive instead of reactive people are going to toss projects and commitments at you from all different angles and at various paces instead of reactively agreeing to a commitment make a rule for yourself decide right now before you say yes to anything that you will take time to consider your answer make it a rule to tell the person that you need to think about it and that you will get back to them in no way should you expect yourself or others to answer on the fly take the time that you need to formulate the response that will serve you and your loved ones are best this is your life no one else’s and to make the most of it you need to fill it with things that will build you nurture you and bring out the best in you so buffer in that time to make sure that the commitment fits within the parameters of your life there is no issue with saying no it’s actually quite empowering once you say it a few times the third thing is to single-task the effectiveness of multitasking is a big myth it works against us we think we’re getting more done by doing several things simultaneously but we are simply complicating and mudding things down when we do this we think that because we have so much on our plates that we have to be able to do a bunch of those things together to get them off the plate but the energy that it takes to focus on multiple things makes it impossible to focus at all if five kids are running in five different directions you can only follow one the same principle applies to all important tasks in life pick one focus get it done and then move on to the next one you’re gonna be amazed at how great a job you’ll do and how much more enjoyable the process is when you put your energy into one thing at a time my former colleagues tears finally did clear that day and you know she even managed to smile before we said our goodbyes her emotional breakdown told her one thing as she needed to clear her schedule in the weeks following our chat I’m happy to report that she began the process of prioritizing what matters most to her in just a few short weeks she already feels more focused and balanced and back in love with her life she dropped out of some of the commitments that didn’t meet her priorities and scheduled her first spa pedicure in years just to like this woman if you’re feeling overwhelmed you have the power to change that instantly take the time for yourself to readjust say no and evaluate what matters and what doesn’t matter and you’ll be well on your way to a better life plan yourself care like you would plan something work-related take time to plan this as seriously as you would your professional commitments think about this the next time you’re faced with a request if you can commit to something that doesn’t serve you well then you most 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