4 Keys to Find Your Passion

4 Keys to Find Your Passion is the focus of this episode of Curves Welcome with Suzie Carr.

To live life just going through the motions doesn’t feel good. We’re given this one life to do great things, and great things are born out of the seed of passion. Without that spark, the effort wastes energy, draining us and leaving us empty emotionally. There is no greater feeling than listening to that call to action that gets your heart pumping and your mind saying YES, I want to do this. So what do you do if you can’t find your passion?

Join me to explore four ways to find your passion!

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[Music] hey thanks for joining me today for this episode of curves welcome a podcast about facing and embracing the curves of life if this is your first time tuning in this is Suzie Carr in my first two novel the fisch room Emma Hill finds herself in a job that numbs her to the core she works for her father at his financial firm looking at old accounts all day long pulling microfiche and drafting boring reports for the key constituents in the company what seemed like a great career move after graduating college turned into a mind-numbing lifeless trek through life that is until she met Hayley and her heart opened up unblocking a part of herself that she had long before packaged up and forgotten about the artist within through the power of love her eyes opened to a whole new pathway where colors grew brighter the air smelled fresher and the desire to create called out to her in such a loud tone she could no longer ignore the passion that brewed deep inside of her once she let go of the safety and the comfort of certainty she freed herself to explore that very thing that gets people out of bed in the morning with a smile on their face and an eagerness to fly the nest and discover what’s waiting for them outside all they’ve ever known to get to this point took Emma an entire novel some seventy thousand words and 275 pages worth but listen pursuing passion over convenience does defy logic and practicality and it does require a bold courage Dancing with Destiny’s leur can feel dangerous and even irresponsible for those stuck in a life that is deeply rooted and full of expectations but to live life just going through the motions doesn’t seem very responsible either does it we’re given this one life to do great things and great things are born out of the seed of passion without that spark the effort wastes energy draining us and leaving us empty emotionally there is no greater feeling than listening to that call to action that gets your heart pumping and your mind saying yes I want to do this when you love to do something it seems effortless the pieces fall into place and time is of no concern you stop looking at the clock you forget where you are like a delicious piece of cake or chocolate you wish for the journey with it to never end decadent spoonful after spoonful ignites more hunger to continue digging for more scraping that plate in order to pick up one more taste when you find your passion and indulge in it you essentially open a new door to potential and others feel this potential within you too you end up attracting more ways to enjoy your passion by calling into being circumstances and people to stir it even more and one thing I want to say here is that passion doesn’t have to come solely from a place of employment if you are feeling stuck in a job and see no way out do not feel like you are doomed to live in a life without passion because even spending a few minutes a day doing something that you are passionate about can have profound effects on your overall well-being and outlook on life that’s what Emma did when she met Haley that fishroom turned into her oasis her place for indulging in her art so find that’s something that makes you feel alive and indulge in that activity at some point in the day maybe that activity is gardening walking strength training petting your dog or cat playing a musical instrument singing in the shower or while you’re cooking writing painting the list goes on passion doesn’t have to be this big elaborate thing that fills your entire day I think many people feel like they’re failing at the passion part of their life because they feel they must be passionate about every aspect of the day for quite frankly that’s not realistic and it’s just setting you up for failure instead try a more simplistic approach one that is attainable and easy to implement if you know your passion chances are you’re living it already you’re pursuing it in some way even if that’s just on the weekends when you’re passionate about something you make time for it it is the thing after all that keeps you alive breathing smiling and thriving but what if you don’t know what your passion is what if you’re wandering around this world wondering if you’re the only one on the planet who hasn’t a clue what truly gets your heart beating in your blood pumping what if you wake up to your annoying alarm clock every morning dreading the day ahead because you like my carry to Emma in the feesh room are stuck in a miserable groove of wake up go to a job you hate go home to a boring evening spent wishing for a better life first know that you are not the only person on the planet suffering from not knowing your passion when I googled this topic for today’s podcast I found a gazillion articles coaching people on how to find their passion I think one of the main issues people face when they lack passion and find themselves in a downward spiral through the boredom of life is that they feel alone in their struggle when you realize you are not abnormal for not having discovered your calling you are free you free that part of your brain that tells you you’re broken in some way when you’re feeling broken it’s really hard to be creative and passionate the two can’t live together in harmony you’re listening to the lesbian talk show the lesbians auktioner calm you’ll have a podcast information I didn’t embark on my passion until I was in my mid-thirties before that I thought I had a serious problem I would get up and be depressed before the Sun even rose thinking my life was always going to be that boring Trek from breakfast to dinner I have come across so many people in my life what felt similar to this they hate their job and wonder how they’ll ever manage to get themselves together enough to live a better life they like I did spend their time comparing their lives to those around them who seemed to live with passion and countless good times social media of course doesn’t make this any easier scroll through Facebook and Instagram and you usually only see the best moments or snapshots in a person’s life rarely do people post themselves at their worst so watching other people’s vacations parties selfies events etc on social and thinking that they are living your ultimate life is not a fair assessment and you need to cut yourself some slack life has ups and downs and the Downs don’t mean they lack passion you can hold great passion towards something still experience loss over it passion doesn’t mean perfection I think that’s one major way that people get it wrong they think because life isn’t perfect or just to say wish it to be that they live without passion or that passionate people never experience a downfall every single person on this planet experiences losses and downfalls it’s what helps us to grow it’s not that fall that defines our passion toward life it’s our reaction to those Falls will undoubtedly all experience that defines our passion toward life let’s break the discovery of passion down further and break it into manageable steps first of all living with passion means pursuing things in life that you love you can love many aspects of your life and therefore have passion in many aspects of your life so the question of your route of passion then becomes very easy to answer what do you love and go do more of that so I would say the first thing to do is make a list of things that you love each day find a way to take action on one item from your list so let’s say that you put down flowers on your list I love flowers okay so the action could be as simple as planting flowers buying flowers or admiring flowers spend a moment being present with them I’m telling you it’ll dramatically lift your spirits and allow passion to flower second thing is to think back to your childhood recall what you enjoyed spending your time doing for me I loved visiting the library and selecting a few books to take home with to read at night I’d read these books and my imagination would wake up and I’d find myself rewriting parts of the story in my head to the ways in which I wanted the story to play out so yeah reading and writing are no surprise to be points of passion for me maybe you liked crafting pretending to be a teacher or helping a parent to bake what about those actions did you enjoy is there something that you can craft at the end of your day to help you unwind even if it’s for five minutes is there someone that you can teach a skill to allow your mind to springboard off those early ideas from childhood you’ll be amazed at the kind of things that you’ll uncover third thing is to start a new project from scratch this will get you out of your car into mindset by triggering your brain to make new connections whenever the brain rewires itself you are in the creative zone and you’re expanding your mind and you know that once you start to expand that mind and stretch it there is no shrinking it back to its former state think of the possibilities in that statement alone there is no shrinking your brain back to what it used to be once you expand it the world is full of ways in which you can expand your brain the last tip that I have for finding a passion is to spend some time at the start of the day preferably before you even get out of bed visualizing an ideal day what things are you doing what makes you happy who are you with where are you a lot of time visualization exercises can free you to think outside the box because you are not constrained by a feeling of lack so when you’re not in the environment of lack you’re in the environment of abundance right it’s an ideal state of mind to be in because then you have all the resources to make things happen and so your mind can go on a really great journey with all those resources and take you places that perhaps you have not even thought of when you create from a place of plenty ideas will flow so as you go about your day considering your passion points remember to enjoy the process this is supposed to be fun don’t put any unnecessary strain on your ideas go in this process with the attitude that any idea is a good idea and be sure to write them down as they come to you be open to trying new things stay alert to your feelings and most importantly understand that you are already a passionate person fully equipped with exactly what you need to enjoy your life right now this isn’t something you need to wait for or wish upon you can make this happen in this exact moment right now passion isn’t something you have to wait on in fact passion is waiting on you it’s already sitting in your heart you just have to listen for it and then spark it to life through thoughtful action hey friends thanks for spending time with me today first up I want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has showed their love in support of the pet boutique a romance novel that has lots of flirty innuendos a fun-loving albeit wacky at times family and a spirited dog 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