3 Tips to Live a More Stimulating Life

3 Tips to Live a More Stimulating Life on this episode of Curves Welcome with Suzie Carr

One of the best ways to stay excited with life is to remain curious about it. When in a state of curiousity you see the world as a student of the universe and open yourself up to learning and growing.

In this podcast, I share 3 easy ways to stay curious and discover an extraordinary view on life.

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[Music] hey thanks for joining me today for this episode of curves welcome a podcast about facing and embracing the curves of life if this is your first time tuning in this is Suzie Carr I’m writing a book right now called uprooting and my main character Harper experiences her first deprivation pod she goes into it skeptical and comes out of it a bit wiser that’s what I wanted to have happen to her but the issue on my end as the writer of such an experience is that I had never had that experience for myself no sure I could Google deprivation pod experiences and I’d likely find a whole bunch of posts written by people who sealed themselves off into one and then drawing from their experiences I’d be able to pull together enough to write a scene about it sure but I’m a curious soul I want to know what it’s like for myself I want to know what it’s like to seal myself off into a ten-foot pool of Epsom salt and lay back and float in darkness and in a soundproof environment for an entire hour I wanted to be able to experience what that was for myself you see when something exists out there in the world that tickles my curiosity even in the slightest I am called towards it I am so curious about the world and I have this insatiable need to feed that hunger so I did I booked a session in a deprivation pod the other day I decided not to research it first I didn’t want to go into it with a preconceived expectation because I tend to be a little competitive so if someone else wrote that they experienced a life altering nudge and I didn’t well I’d be very disappointed so I went into it with only one expectation to feed my hungry curiosity and did I ever know I don’t know if what I experienced others would find life-altering but it was so surreal to me a few magical moments did occur I did emerge from that pod charged with excitement and new insights foreseen where I could now take my character Harper on a soulful journey that will nudge her out of her ordinary view of life if you want to know what I experienced well then you’ll have to tune in to my free series uprooting on curves welcome calm where I share scenes as I write them the result of feeding that part of my curiosity will be revealed in an upcoming scene that being said in today’s podcast I wanted to talk about feeding your curiosity and why it can be one of the most refreshing life-altering things that you can do I hear people say things all the time like I’m so bored there’s nothing good on TV I wish the week would go by fast so we can just get to the weekend and it makes me feel really bad for them because they are not seeing the value of everything that life has to offer in the way of stimulating the parts of their brains that crave to be expanded and opened and filled with new Jam’s and I say gems because that’s the byproduct of staying in a state of curiosity when we say curious we discover things that can so easily go unnoticed and when they go unnoticed they remain dormant in us we fail to connect with the newness and the insights that tapping into it can offer when the world is changing around us we’re standing still rigid unaffected and bored with what we get used to witnessing that’s really how we want to live I hope not life is full of teachable moments if we tune into them we become students of the universe and when we are students we are able to access a whole new view on life I like to think of it as putting on a set of glasses that brings everything into rich focus displaying vivid colors and minut but deep features that reveal secrets mysteries and vast understandings of why being here and being connected to the intricacies can create new journeys that take us to mesmerizing places that fill us with a sense of awe so now that I’ve hopefully convinced you to tap into curiosity you may wonder how to actually do it here are a few techniques the first one is to make it a goal to learn something new every single day and this doesn’t have to be huge and mind-blowing think of this as an attempt to whet your appetite to dig deeper into something so maybe you’ve always wondered why the sky is blue or what the difference is between a rain cloud and a fluffy pretty cloud or what the life cycle is of a butterfly and there’s so much to learn the second is to take learning one step further by indulging in hands-on activity as a writer I love going into hands-on research mode I do this with most every novel that I write I was fascinated about honeybees so I went into Abbey Abbey airy and hung out with tens of thousands of honeybees for my novel the dance I wanted to learn what it was like to scuba dive 80 feet down into the middle of the ocean so I became an open-water certified scuba diver when I was researching my novel beneath everything and I also have this incredible interest in Reiki and acupuncture and holistic medicine so when I was researching for my novel sand castles I visited a holistic center and learned all about it my list for hands-on experiences is a rather extensive I derive great pleasure from trying new things on a recent trip to Harpers Ferry I saw SIPP lining I didn’t have time to do it so I know that I’ll likely come back and dip my toes and that experience – one thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to choose experiences that cost you money many things are free in Harpers Ferry I spent my time hiking part of the Appalachian Trail and that was all free and offered me new pleasures the third and final suggestion that I have is to sit quietly in nature and just let go let it speak to you as I planned this podcast I did just that I perched myself on a rock along the trail in Harpers Ferry I opened up my notebook and I waited on nature to tickle the curious part of my soul after a few minutes nature showed up after a few minutes of breathing in the sweet sense of the greenery and listening to the playful chirps of crickets and birds nature revealed a curious lizard climbing a tree next to me I called her Lizzie Lizzie was about six inches in lace in the diameter of a thick magic marker and she was nimble as can be she hung out with me in that space for a few minutes soaking up the sun rays and the fresh mountain breezes and she left me with an incredible wisdom that we are all connected and fortunate fortunate to be a part of this colorful world where we are moments away from experiencing the awe of being I’ve friends my wish for you is that you two get to feel what I do every time I take notice of this world’s magical way of teaching us how important and special we all are hey friends thank you for spending time with me today if you have any thoughts on today’s show please drop me a note in the comments or tag me on social media I would love to engage with you and speaking of engagements I have been craving more of that in my writing process so I began something new with a continual fictional story that I’m calling up routing weekly I’m posting scenes and also journal entries from my character’s point of view to my blog at curves welcome calm come join the fun and engage with me along this new book journey also I want to thank all who have become patrons on my patreon page your support means a great deal to me for more information on joining me on this journey in gaining access to special rewards and also daily jolts to help you stay motivated and in the game of life visit the link in the show notes be sure to follow the lesbian talk-show to keep up with the latest episodes so thanks for tuning in until next time go out there and continue to learn grow and embrace life’s curves