3 Reviewers 1 Book – Charming The Vicar by Jenny Frame

3 Reviewers 1 Book – Charming The Vicar by Jenny Frame 

The Lesbian Review Podcast 

Sheena is joined by April and Tara today to talk about Charming The Vicar by Jenny Frame. They look at pros, cons and discuss the audiobook. 

They also discuss

  • Religion
  • Butch rep
  • Strapons
  • April’s big book of sex

Charming The Vicar by Jenny Frame 

Publisher Bold Strokes Books 

Narrator Nicola Victoria Vincent 


Finnian Kane, famous master of illusion, mentalist, and renowned atheist, has a crisis of faith after her sister’s death. She rents a cottage in the village of Axedale in Kent, desperately trying to find a safe haven from the intrusive media to grieve and work out how to move on. 

The Reverend Bridget Claremont makes it her mission to help the enigmatic Finnian find her faith in life again. Bridge has long yearned for a life partner, and her best friend’s wedding has intensified that desire. But when you’re a lesbian vicar in a small English village, it’s not easy to find your perfect match. 

Their chemistry is clear from the start, despite their different beliefs and Bridge insisting Finn isn’t her type. But will the mentalist find the magic that can charm the vicar? 

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