3 Must-Read Books About Women In The Military

3 Must-Read Books About Women In The Military 

The Lesbian Review Podcast 

Sheena is joined by Valden today to talk about 3 Must-Read Books About Women In The Military. Who doesn’t love a woman in uniform? 

Books discussed: 

The Witch Of Stalingrad by Justine Saracen 


As the German Blitzkrieg brings the Soviet Union to its knees in 1942, a regiment of women aviators flies out at night in flimsy aircraft without parachutes or radios to harass the Wehrmacht troops. The Germans call them “Night Witches” and the best of them is Lilya Drachenko. From the other end of the world, photojournalist Alex Preston arrives to “get the story” for the American press and witnesses sacrifice, hardship, and desperate courage among the Soviet women that is foreign to her. So also are their politics. While the conservative journalist and the communist Lilya clash politically, Stalingrad, the most savage battle of the 20th century, brings them together, until enemy capture and the lethal Russian winter tears them apart again. 

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Show Of Force by AJ Quinn 

Publisher Bold Strokes Books 


It should have been simple, but life has a way of getting complicated. 

When correspondent Tate McKenna broke her own rules and took navy pilot Lieutenant Commander Evan Kane home from an embassy dinner in Bahrain, she knew all the reasons why it wouldn’t work. Long, unpredictable work hours. Extended absences. The dangers inherent in their jobs. Yet after being with Evan once, it was inconceivable she wouldn’t be with her again. 

When they finally have a chance to get things right, danger follows them home from Afghanistan. Now, Tate and Evan must stand together in a show of force or risk losing everything—including their lives.

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Whatever Gods May Be by Sophia Call Hagin 

Publisher Bold Strokes Books 


Jamie Gwynmorgan doesn’t believe in prayer. She doesn’t believe in anything much. Except that people can’t be trusted—certainly not anyone she’s ever met. 

But Jamie knows some things. From experience. She knows if she died, nobody would give a damn. Nobody would even notice. She knows the better she can fight, the safer she’ll be. That’s why she can’t resist the sleek, dark lethality of the weapon—and the recruiter’s promise that yes, if she’s strong enough, good enough, she’ll get to fire that weapon in combat. She doesn’t care about the uniform. And screw the pretend-camaraderie. Only Safe matters—and if she can do combat, then maybe she can fight her way to Safe. 

Jamie expects a grueling fight that she might lose. What she never expects is to win love.

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Other books mentioned

Battle Scars by Meghan O’Brien

Depths Of Blue by Lise MacTague

Sword Of The Guardian by Merry Shannon

The Caphenon by Fletcher DeLancy

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